Thursday, February 28, 2008

While the Table's Out...

The cutting table was used and used for the costuming stuff; before I put it away I thought I'd make use of it a bit. Yesterday I traced and tweaked about 4 patterns, and I cut the top from Vogue 8305 from the last piece of rayon knit I purchased at Hancock's a few weeks back, the white-on-black polka dot. I *almost* didn't use that pattern...when I first pulled it out, I discovered that the directions were missing. I've had the pattern over a year; I honestly don't know if I pulled the guide sheets out to read over and somehow misplaced them or if they were missing them from the start. So I rather disgustedly put it back in the 'file' basket. Then, just before I gave up and cut out a TNT turtleneck, I thought about Marfy patterns...and how they don't have any directions at all...and how so many folks are managing to make lovely garments anyway. I thought about how many crossover front tops that I've made from other patterns and realized that,doggone it, I should be able to figure this one out. So I pulled it back out and traced it off w/my alterations and cut it out.

I've got my striped wool from Michael on the cutting table now to make a pair of Oxford/Euro morphed pants (i.e., the Oxford pants w/the darts and zipper from the Euros), and I will cut out my lavender brushed-back satin into classic pajamas.

Then I will put it away and see how many of the WIP items I can finish up to knock some yards into the 'out' column before leaving for the Atlanta Expo next week. I'm 6.75 yards behind parity right now, and I've got about 8 yards coming from Gorgeous Fabrics. Time to do some sewing for me. ;)

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  1. Good for you, sewing without instructions isn't too hard, really. If all else fails, go down to Hancock's or whereever, pull the pattern and just look at the instructions. As long as you don't go unfolding pattern tissue the store people don't get upset. You don't actually have to repurchase the pattern.