Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's Lesson

The cool thing about sewing is there's always, always room for learning.

I learned something this week about'd think I'd've known this by now, but since I *really* try hard to keep the really big costuming efforts at church (which is really much more efficient than hauling stuff back and forth), doing a big costume project at home was something I hadn't done in a while.

So I added a new dictum to Lisa's Rules for Sewing Costumes:

Always bring home extra fabric.

I had to dig around when I picked up DS after rehearsal at school last night to find some remnants of the gold lame' so I could cut the cuff pieces I forgot when I was cutting. That fabric had been used for some other stuff and the nice, marked bag of remnants that I'd left was nowhere to be found. But we did locate a bit just floating around in a bin w/other scraps and remnants, so I'm ok and I can do the cuffs properly. But I learned the lesson; next time I find myself hauling stuff home like this I'll be sure and grab a bit extra...just in case.

But I'm behind where I wanted to be, and My Sweet Baboo just called to say they're having his 30-year work anniversary luncheon today (somehow he'd been left off of the notification; too funny). If I go, that'll shoot the whole sewing day. But how can I *not* go? Arrrggh... ;)

Life's full of tough choices, idinit?

ETA: Whew. MSB just called to say that the anniversary luncheon has been postponed till next week. So I'm cleared to sew. ;)

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