Saturday, February 09, 2008

Them's the Breaks (ooo..bad pun alert)

I kind of resigned myself to cooking and cleaning yesterday once I figured out I couldn't split myself into three people. We were having a dinner guest, after all, and I couldn't feed him finished silver shirts. DS the Elder was supposed to join us for dinner also, but had to cancel because Master's Commission was working on choreography for a dance they were to perform at Conference in Phoenix next week. "It's an insane dance" He text messaged me (that's code for 'freakingly awesome'). "I may even get tossed in the air."

Well, at 9:30 we got a phone call; the final time through, something had gone wrong on the toss; he'd landed on his arm instead of his feet and they were on their way to the ER to get it X-Rayed.

That broke up our little soiree in a hurry; the guest said good-night and My Sweet Baboo headed to the hospital to meet them. I decided I might as well sew, but it was a challenge to keep myself on task.

Well, he'd broken the radial bone in his right arm (yes, he's right-handed) clean through, but it was a clean break and the ends were still together so they put a temporary cast on it, gave him instructions on how to keep it still and some pain killers and a referral to an orthopedic for follow up on Monday and sent him home. He decided he'd rather go to his apartment. He's got five roomates to watch him and didn't even have a toothbrush at the house, not to mention when he's here he sleeps on the top DH drove him over and got him inside to his buddies and then got home at about 1:45 AM, just as I was applying the second sleeve to the last blouse.

DS was not in a lot of physical distress; it just so happened that one of the other guys had some prescription pain killers with him (there's been at least two other ER visits w/Master's this year...they're a fierce bunch...) and made him take one as soon as they got him off the floor. He's more upset that the 'insane' dance is not going to work as planned, or at least he's not going to be doing the part that he thought was so cool.

They're supposed to get on the bus to head for Phoenix Tuesday morning. So he's going to have to pack up with one arm, scheduled around what could be a lengthy orthopedic visit (I've never had a visit to an orthopedic that didn't last about three times longer than my most pessimistic estimate), assuming he can get in on Monday. I really hope he can get in on Monday; it would be a far more painful thing for him to miss the trip.

But My Sweet Baboo said that while they were waiting on the techs to come to put on the cast, DS was up on his feet, practicing the dance steps. Yeah, he's that intense...I doubt I'll be able to talk him into coming home so his mama can take care of him; he's got too much to do.

So, while DS the Younger is at his all-day rehearsal, I'm going to be finishing those silver shirts (side seams and hems are all that's left). Maybe even get a decent start on the gold ones...which have to be finished by the end of the work session Thursday night...and doing a little praying. ;)


  1. Yikes! That's no fun! I hope he heals soon. I'm sure this is *not* the way you planned on getting the time to finish the silver shirts.

  2. Poor guy. I'm sure the emotional distress of being on the sidelines will end up being the worse pain.

    We need a picture of this young man!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! I managed to do some text messaging to him today; he's up and around and determined not to let this slow him down. I'm kinda planning to get a photo of him and his cast...if he'll be cooperative...but there is a photo of him that's a couple of years old in the Pirate Shirt Review

    I find myself torn between encouraging him to press on and 'rub the enemy's face in it', so to speak, and trying to get him to be careful so he doesn't hurt himself worse.

    Moms need faith.