Sunday, February 24, 2008

Choir Sunday 08 #7

This Month's Colors: Black and white

Vest:Out-of-Print Simplicity 5919, made from a poly stretch lace in 2002. It's a little small, but I still wear it anyway ;).

Blouse: Really out-of-Print Mcall's pattern from a creamy poly jacquard. I made this blouse in the days before Pattern Review (I'm guessing 1995?), so I can't even link to a review for it. But I still have the pattern; one of these days I'll make it again and review it w/a scan of the envelope.

Pants: The Loes Hinse Oxford/European pants morph. They're a little on the snug side at the moment,too, but I can get away with it with a longish vest. There's a black Ultrasuede sash over the pants waistband, but it doesn't show in the photo.

My Sweet Baboo calls this my 'Paul Revere and the Raiders outfit.' I guess it does sort of have a 70's rock look to it. :D


  1. Another great outfit! I love the vest!

  2. Definitely has a glam rock vibe to it, but you are rocking the look!

  3. I LOVE it!!! Wish I could sew...cause I've really been hurting for black and white this month with worship!!! What are next months colors? Have a great week!

  4. Wow, you look fab in that outfit!!

  5. You've got the look. 70's Retro? Who cares. It's rocking in 2008!