Sunday, October 22, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 10.22.17

So, I asked My Sweet Babboo if everything was straight.
He had me adjust the sweater just a bit and pronounced it good.

I'll have to remind him to check the hems of my pants in the future.

I managed to switch out the closet for fall/winter...and then it was 75 degrees today.  and I had my heart set on wearing this fabulous vest from Coldwater Creek's brick-and-mortar store, back in the day.  Burnt orange?  Brown?  Yeah.  Something like that (it looks red in the isn't).  LOL.  It was purchased to wear in choir in October, and it's October, so I have to justify it being in the

Anyway, I didn't have anything to wear under it but a baby cable sweater.  And it was too warm today for a sweater.

Then I thought about that gold linen knit t shirt mail ordered from...New York and Co?  I think?  It was expensive and it's not well fitted or well made but it's a killer wardrobe piece. And it's basically...tan. :-).  I lose the sleeves under the dropped shoulders on the vest, but it's ok.  Better than roasting in a sweater.

Worn with a brown Jalie 965 cami/tank top and brown doubleknit Loes Hinse Oxfords.

It may not look faboo, but it sure is comfy. ;-)

Not gonna be in choir next week; but with another month of tan and olive green I may see if I can get a bit of sewing in before the end of November.

And, I'll be honest, I'm kinda agonizing over something.

I have purchased way more yardage than I've sewn this year.  Again.  I've talked Very Sternly to myself about more fabric purchases.  I've nearly got a small personal haberdashery, y'all, and it's getting out of control.  So I told more.

And then one of my favorite online vendors announced that she's had fun but she's done and she's doing a clearance sale prior to closing up shop next month.

I. Don't. Need. More. Now.  I really don't.

I am bummed.  She had nice stuff and it was always well packed and shipped; the gorgeous rayon/lycra jersey fabric used in the brown tank top I'm wearing in the photo came from her webstore.  I'll miss that spot on my bookmarks list...

Friday, October 20, 2017

How'd it get to be Friday already?

My Sweet Babboo did actually take a photo on Sunday...and I even managed to get it off the camera and cropped.

But then I got busy doing something and it's been go-go-go since.

So I'm just now posting what I wore last
October colors are burnt orange, tan, brown, and, a new addition, olive green.  But I only have one olive green top...and it fit way better 15 pounds ago.  So, we stick to the stuff that kinda works when the scales are not nice.

I pulled my brown wool jersey Pamela's Patterns Cool Cardigan out of the Fall/Winter storage...I still have not switched the closet over, and that needs to happen really bad 'cos it's gonna be getting chilly up in here next week.  But, ya'll, I haven't had time to post a picture...when am I going to get my closet switched? 


An orange stretch lace Jalie 2566 and RTW brown jeans that claim to be a size 12 but lie.

The November colors have been posted and we're just going to swap burgundy for burnt orange and keep the others.  I've pulled the one piece of olive green knit from the stash...I've got more than I thought; almost 3 yards.  I may do something Tilton-esque with it.  If I can get to the sewing machine...

And the SWAP 2018 discussions have started over on Stitcher's Guild.  I really need a closet purge and revamp.  I only  managed to get one top done that I wanted to do for SWAP 2017...and I haven't had the occasion to wear it.  But I pull  it out and look at it from time to's very

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Fabric In

No choir today; the remnants of a respiratory infection made an embarrassing coughing spell way too likely so I sat in the rear and practiced what little bit of ASL I know.

So instead of a choir wardrobe post, I thought I'd share a bit of the fabric temptation that has landed on my door....there have been sales...

This is a result of Fabric Mart's latest sale...two pieces of nylon/viscose/lycra ponte (cobalt blue and forest green) and a cotton lawn print that is absolutely divine.  I don't know for sure what I'm going to make of it; it's 45" wide and I have 3 yards.  Maybe a nice breezy summer tunic next year.

Or maybe that will turn out to be the feature print of a SWAP combo.

Cobalt (royal) blue is a fixture of the choir wardrobe in January, and last year we got surprised by switching forest green for red in December.  So the green is...just in case. ;-).

Anyway, I'm just over 60 yards for the year, so I think I need to shut 'er down, unless I get to do some sewing. We'll see how things go.

I did finish a small project; I'd cut out another Jalie 2566 T shirt, from a salmon/navy stripe, just before the nine-patch project hit.   I got as far as the hems and then had to sew up the squares.  Friday I walked into the sewing room and found it in a little pile and remembered...oh, yeah, this still needs hemming.  So I threaded up the double needles and ran 'er through.  I'd only gotten, like, 1 3/8 yards, so a cap-sleeve t was the best I could do from the yardage; I really wanted to use it for a Tilton top but there just wasn't enough.  But at least it's in the closet now and will look great with my navy ponte Helix pants and the navy Jalie pleated cardi.  Maybe Thursday's

This is the first of several moving weeks;   we have to be completely out of our current building into the in-the-process-of-being-transformed school by January 31.  So it's jeans and t-shirts for the first three days this week while we hopefully move a bunch of stuff from storage here to storage there.

We'll add a service for three months; the sanctuary is not slated for completion until May.  So...four services on Sunday in the theater will hopefully shoehorn everyone in.

Gonna be an interesting start to 2018....

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 10.1.17

 Good grief.  It's October, y'all!!!

All potential photographers were occupied today, so this is another one of those 'set the timer and jump into the picture' photos.

October colors are burnt orange, tan and brown.  My orange Jalie 965 tank may not be quite done enough, but under a RTW gupier lace topper it's toned down enough that its ok.

I wanted to pull out a longer cardi, but apparently my brown wool jersey cardi was packed away back in the spring and, as temps are still well into the 80's, I haven't switched the seasonal wardrobes yet  So it's the Jalie 2566 cardi that fit way better 15 pounds ago.  RTW brown jeans.

I've succumbed to a couple of fabric sales but the packages arrived while we were out of town last week and I haven't got them officially added to the stash yet.

In other news, I've spent some time reliving the past just a bit this week.
Our church is moving...we've purchased a decommissioned high school and the time to begin the shift of stuff has arrived.  We're starting with the storage areas...which means costumes.  I was involved just a bit last week in the initial haul-down-from-the-attic and the early bit of sorting/culling (I think we actually got rid of some stuff that we had because folks thought they could bring their closet-purged goods down for costumes...) but, well, the volunteer work night was after we hit the road so I'm not entirely sure what's in the bags/boxes.  And I don't know what we're going to be doing with it over at the new building.  I think they have a room designated for costume storage...we'll see.
But it was a trip down memory lane looking at all the garments created for past....long

But there's a 750 seat theater in the school.  I think the arts ministry is about to experience a revival. :-)