Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last project of 2017

Back in, oh,  September I managed to find some kind of Christmassy-themed upholstery cotton and ordered 3 yards for a tablecloth for the round table in the sunroom.  Because, you know, I wanted a bit of Christmas cheer to go with the ancient kitschy aluminum tree with the color wheel.

But nobody makes cotton upholstery fabric in greater than about 54" widths, and trial-and-error has proven that a 62" diameter circle works best for the tablecloth.  So piecing is in order.

Sometimes I can get an invisible line...sometimes not so much.  This time is not so much, but the little trees (those are green trees with red trunks.  Actually they are lime green trees with fuschia trunks, but at a glance it's red and green) are kinda eye-swirling anyway so I don't think it's going to be too noticeable.  Green wooly nylon serger rolled edge.  The trickiest part is the piecing and the cutting.

I've got half a yard...ish...left over.  Eventually I'll make a little totebag out of it.

While I had the serger set up for a rolled edge, I decided I'd tackle another quick project.  Last year, I found a 70" red jacquard tablecloth and tried to make it work.  But it was so long it drug on the chairs and got in the way and...anyway, I decided to cut it down to a 62" circle and serge it up.

I was really surprised when I cut it out; I folded it on the lengthwise grain (easy to see due to the jacquard pattern), then folded again on the crosswise and the hem was way uneven going much as 3" off in one spot.  Cheap construction, I thought.  I marked the arc and cut the circle down, changed the thread in the serger and took off.

I checked the progress after about 6" and found that the weave on the fabric was so loose that the rolled edge just pulled off.  Oy.

So I put my wide rolled edge foot on the sewing machine and began to sssslllooowwwllly work my way around it.  I didn't do too badly until I hit the first part of the circle in which I was sewing against the grain. Oy oy and double oy.  The fabric just opened up.  The edge frayed like crazy and the hem suddenly got really ugly really fast.  I stopped and ripped and started again and stopped and ripped and got frustrated and just kind of gritted my teeth around to the cross grain bit, which worked better.   Went pretty good again until I got to the opposite side where I was going against the grain again and...after starting and stopping a couple of more times, I pulled the whole side off and zig-zagged the edge, on the off side so that I was sewing with the grain, to stabilize it.  Then I went back and ran that quarter through the rolled edge foot again.  Still not great but  much better.  When I looked at the first rough was bad.  So I ripped that out, trimmed the crazy thread tails and zig-zagged it on the right side and then ran that side back through the rolled edge.

Oh yeah.  On that first side I forgot to switch back to a straight stitch so I actually zig-zagged the rolled edge.  Which laid so much nicer than it did the first time that I also zig-zagged the second side when I re-did it.  So two alternate quarters are straight-stitched on the hem and the other two are zig-zagged but I'm OK WITH THAT.  At least all the edges are secure.  If anyone looks close enough at the hem to see the inconsistency...I'll think they're really

And when I folded it up to put it away, I saw that the edges were not at all even.  I have real empathy for the poor stitchers that had to sew it in the beginning.  It was ghastly.  But I have a dressy-festive table cloth to put on the round table if I want to.

And if I'm not at church or a party tomorrow, I'm going to be cooking, more sewing this year.

Gonna do some thinking...hard ...about sewing priorities for 2018.  There may be a paradigm shift coming...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 12.17 and 12.24 2017

I didn't even realize that I hadn't managed to post last week until I posted the note about the lace top.

Which I actually didn't wear today; we were to wear 'dressy', kick it up a notch from our usual casual laid-back style.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Better back up and talk about last week first.

 Choir colors for this month are burgundy or something close, lol, black and gray.  So I've got some Land's end black jeggings under  my Butterick 5244 Muse dress, made up in a (reversible, actually; the wrong side is solid black) rayon/poly doublknit.  It's kind of a fun retro thing to wear and it almost always garners comments from folks.  Even though, if you read the review, you'll see it's far from a perfect effort.  And there's a flaw in the back that I never noticed until I'd worn it about a year.  Looks like someone put tape on it and pulled off some of the top layer of burgundy, letting the black shadow through some.

Keep moving.  LOL.

Actually posting this between Christmas Eve services today;  we split our usual 3-service schedule into two in the morning and one in the late afternoon, and did family services (IE, no child care above 2 years; the kids were with their parents for a one hour service).  The choir did a regular worship set, with some Christmas themed-songs mixed in with contemporary arrangements of Carols, then returned at the end of the service in robes (yes, we borrow them for special events from time to time) to do Eddie James epic 'He's Here'

I actually posted the question on the choir FB group last night...would we be partaking of communion on the platform?  Because if we were, I needed to make sure to wear something with pockets, for the little sealed package of wafer-and-grapejuice.  But, no the choir was not going to be on the platform during communion, so I was safe to go pocket-less.

So.  The garnet red (oh, did I say garnet red?  Of course, I meant slinky Sewing Workshop Cityscapes Dress, which fit better 15 pounds ago, but that's the beauty of slinky, no?  BTW, that pattern is out of print but it is, I believe, now available as a PDF download.

Also with the nearly-worn-out-and-needs-replacing black jersey Vogue 8305 cardi-wrap.  Which I peeled off before I put on the robe. LOL.

Off to the final service of the day; choir call is in about 20 minutes; gotta run or I'll be late. :-)

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all my sewing friends!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yes! I made something!

Last night, I had the thought that this is becoming less of a sewing blog than a 'Hey, I'm still wearing clothes that I made ages ago' blog.

So I stayed up late and made a top in the current choir colors.

It's a stretch lace that I bought because it was black and burgundy, a combo that is worn most every November.  We didn't wear it in November this year, but it's the nominal color for December.

I don't know if it'll work for me to wear it for Choir, but I might wear it for Christmas or New Year's.  With a Jalie 967 tank cami under it, of course.

Took me  a couple of hours, all told, but I didn't stick with it solidly.  And I had a little trouble with the hem; I used a zig-zag that was too wide the first time and it tunnelled up pretty badly.  A little unstitching and a much narrower zig-zag and it was much nicer.

There's a wee bit of sparkle in the fabric; it won't be warm but, hey, this is Alabama.  And it will be kinda festive.

Vogue 9057/Marcie Tilton, View A.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 12.10.17

I'm a day late...the church offices are MOVING and this weekend, my office is broken down and scattered betwixt the old and the new...which meant I came home and did the weekly data entry all evening and did not get a choir post done in a timely fashion.  At least I managed to get My Sweet Babboo to take the photo...

So.  We still kinda sorta don't know what color we're wearing this month, with our standard black/gray, lol.  The swatch on the facebook group page is  pretty much the same color we wore last fall and called 'garnet red'.  But the word description for it is 'crimson/burgundy'.  And who knows what that is???

Most of the choir is going off the word 'Burgundy', so we had a lot of near-purple in choir on Sunday.
But, hey, the lights kinda make it all work somehow....

I wore more old stuff... a gray rayon/lycra jersey  Christine Jonson Basewear 2 turtleneck shell,  Black RPL ponte Oxford Pants, and a Sewing Workshop Tribeca Top  that I made in 2007?  I think?  from a piece of GORGEOUS brocade jacquard that is, depending upon the light, deep red on gray OR fuschia on denim blue.  I typically call it red-on-gray and go with it.  I generally wear it as a topper, because the buttons are spaced a bit far apart for true security (explained in the review) and the sleeves are a little too dropped for good arm mobility; something that I do need in our praise-and-worship style choir.  But it's a good beefy fabric and works well as a topper.  It always gets compliments....

I should wear it more. :-)

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 12.3.17

Wow!  Something I don't think you've seen before... ;-)

Choir colors for December were listed as 'crimson/burgundy' and black.  We weren't sure if that meant we were supposed to wear crimson OR burgundy or if some folks were considering that to be two names for the same shade of deep red.   So we had a range of colors.

I decided to wear the ancient-yeah-you've-seen-these pants that I really don't like, except the colors in the stripes (red and white) on the black makes them so doggone useful.  It's the first modification of the Jalie Classic Pants, made eaons ago, and if I really want to make use of the pattern I need to do some adjusting.  But this actually was cheap Wal-Mart fabric; I just didn't expect to like the colors so well.

Of course, I'm watching for replacement fabric in something nice to the touch and not so poly/lycra-y. 

Very Nice black ponte McCall's 6844 cardigan, which you have seen before, and a red washed silk charmeuse New Look 6762 shell top that you haven't  seen yet, for all that I made it early this year.  Just didn't have the right occasion to wear it.

And, while that top is in a wardrobe pattern w/ a jacket, I've found that it works better w/o a topper, because it has cut on-cap sleeves which get pushed in by a jacket, resulting in some drapiness in the upper chest.  That completely goes away if I don't have a jacket on.  But, well, I needed a cardi today so I just dealt with it.    I did work the pattern over a bit...moving the neckline in at the shoulders to be more strap-friendly and adding a bit of a FBA.  I've made three or four tops from it now and I really do like it.

None of these patterns have been reviewed yet, shame on me.  I need to dust off the ol' templates and get some reviews up.