Monday, February 04, 2008

Pattern Mania

As I mentioned Saturday, Hancock's had Vogues on sale for 75% of the list price last week...and Buttericks were $.99. It took stopping at both Hancock's in town, but I got most of the patterns on my list.

I only had one Butterick, 4869, since it hadn't been that long since the last Butterick sale. I'm not sure I'd've bought that pattern at full price, or even the regular 40% off price, but I'm kind of on a wide-collar-kick and it was worth a buck.

But I came home with seven Vogues. The first one is not real exciting; it's the do-it-yourself shoulder pad pattern, 9723. It was recommended on one of the sewing boards, and I thought it might be handy to have around...ya never know...

But the rest all get my creative processes dangerously agitated...I dunno why these great sales always seem to coincide with a costume crunch of some sort. Anyway, I'm resisting the siren call of:

8259, the Claire Shaeffer does Coco Chanel jacket that has been made with such great success by so many. Will I make it couture-style? Hmm...maybe...I've got an aging wool blend plaid in the stash that could look very, very good if I did it right. If.

8473. I'm not sure I like the jacket and the dress together...the flare of both of them in the back looks kind of, um, matronly. But that jacket over a pair of skinny pants would work, I think, and a shorter jacket could make the dress more wearable. The seaming on the jacket is...interesting....

I love the Badgley Mischka 1040. What a great back that jacket has! I ended up having to get it in my 'hip' size instead of my 'shoulder' size, but I think I can figure out how to grade the shoulders the very least, I can use a TNT shoulder princess as a template and go from there.

Sandra Betzina's patterns always catch my eye; the rest are Today's Fit. I picked up 2935, seduced by those strong vertical lines. Wait...there's some creamy white wool crepe in the stash...

I didn't get Sandra's earlier jeans pattern, but I picked up the new one, 1034. I liked the options of either boot cut or straight pants, even though I'd have to lengthen the straight ones from cropped to full length. I'm not sure I'm crazy about all the fiddly details, but those could be edited out to regular ol' five-pocket styling.

I also picked up her new jeans jacket, 1036. It really strikes me as being a very feminine take on the classic. I've still got my expensive denim eyelet that's waiting to be a jacket. I'd omit all the sleeve detail if I used that fabric, though. Too fussy for eyelet, but it'd be great in plain ol' dark wash denim.

Now that I've got myself all inspired, all my spare time in the sewing room today will be spent sewing silver shirts....and after the silver, the gold. And after that, who knows...


  1. I like a lot of those! Great choices. Good luck on the silver and gold shirts!

  2. Oooh - I hadn't noticed those two SB patterns (the jeans and jean jacket). Another two for the wishlist when they finally get to NZ. Good luck with your sewing!

  3. I love your rundown on those patterns. I've been trying to avoid the pattern sales, but you've pointed out some really pretty styles....