Thursday, June 13, 2024

I lost my blogroll...

 This hurts...

I had a long list of blogs that I followed from back in the day.  Unfortunately, some of them have fallen into ...other hands?...and were now being updated with non-sewing material, to put it mildly.

I repeatedly tried to edit out the blogs that were now talking about stuff other than sewing, or that set off my Unsafe Site alert when clicked, or that were now just filled with crazy asian script, but I could. not. get. Blogger to save updates.  The Save button just would NOT activate.  I tried over and over, over several months.

Then I hit on an idea...what if I just made a new blog list widget, with the bloggers that I could remember who were still publishing?  I could copy and paste from the old list pretty easily.  Then I could delete the old one and hopefully not get those random non- sewing links showing up

It was sad to go through the list and see all the fine folks who were no longer blogging.  And, it's true, some had even reactivated after several years of being dormant...that was exciting to see.  But truth was...any non- active blog seems to be subject to being hijacked and used for other purposes so I took a deep breath and just listed the ones I thought were active, as best I could remember.

It saved the wrong place.  I tried to move it, but no dice, so I did a new one...again...

It saved, I thought, but all I managed to do was get rid of both the old list and the list in the wrong place.  The list in the right place, for whatever reason, didn't save.

So I will likely have to reconstruct it all from scratch again and that will take some time.


I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when I can't actually sew, lol.

I will say I am recovering from the hip surgery slowly.  It's one week out today and I actually managed to lift my foot high enough to get over the edge of the bathtub, so I could take a real shower.  Hooray for small victories...

Saturday, June 08, 2024

New Parts....

 Specifically, a new right hip.  Installed on Thursday...and I'm really amazed at how little pain I have today.  And today is worse than yesterday, lol.  I figure tomorrow will be about the same and then we should start seeing improvement.  I hope to be consistently walking without the walker in a week.  I can do it a little now...but I'm trying to be good....

Incredible what new tecniques are out there for these things.  That surgery took 30 minutes.  

Maybe in a few weeks I can actually put on my own socks and tie my shoes again....

And get back into the sewing room.  I'm behind. ;-)

Saturday, April 20, 2024

A little tomfoolery...

 So, nearly 7 years of planning came to fruition last week when the total eclipse went right over my parents' farm.

The kids came up from Florida.  My sister and her family came in from NY state and Pennsylvania.  

It was a family reunion...and a perfect day.

The best picture was taken by The Artist, who climbed up on the tallest grain bin to get his vantage point.

If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can even see Venus.  The house I grew up in is there in the trees, lol.

My ever practical hubby waited until after the event to order T shirts....he wanted to make sure the weather cooperated and we actually saw it, lol.

We saw the  2017 eclipse at Tennessee's Fall Creek Falls State Park, so the shirt he picked was appropriate.

If you look really, really'll see two red French knots indicating the approximate locations where we were when we saw them.  It was kinda frustrating, because the map isn't accurate...the 2017 path is marked too far south, and this year's path is marked too far north.  

Ok, adding a closer shot because I could just barely see them in the other:

So, yeah, very approximate, lol.

A wee bit of Fray Check on the back to make sure the knots stay knotted and...custom shirts, lol.

The next Big National Eclipse will be in 2045.  I'll be 86.  Not sure I'll make that one, lol.  But if I'm still around I'm sure I'll try.  

It's that cool. 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Hey! A New Top!

 So I didn't think I would be doing ANY sewing for myself any time soon.  The church choir has dropped the 'seasonal color' thing we've done for so long and are just wearing, well, Janice Rigg's 'Common Wardrobe'...without realizing it, lol.  Denim with neutrals.  So, I more choir-driving sewing.

But.  Turned out that only sorta applies.  We got word early this week that for Easter we are to wear kind of a salmony pink or a turquoise/aquaish blue, with the neutrals.

Thought I had something that would work, but the scales have crept up a bit over the last year was too snug.

So, what to do, what to do.  I had a sweater the right color in the closet, but I needed a top to go under it.

Dug around in the stash and found a stripy knit print that I got for the Hydrangea wardrobe.  

Timestamp on this photo is 1:26 PM

Time stamp on this photo is 4:08.

Of course, if this had been The Great British Sewing Bee I would have had about an hour and a half to do that, but I went carefully and did a couple of extra steps to hopefully keep things humming along.  Something hosed up in the tension on the double needle hem so it's a wee bit tunneled, but that'll be our secret.  At least the pinks match...

I need something I can get on and off quickly because I will have about 15 minutes to change into my bible costume after the choir leaves the platform before I have to be in place for the mini-production we're doing this year.  And then, when that's done...change back to the choir clothes to repeat the process for second service. 

I will take a mesh bag to put over my head so I don't smear the makeup.  Hopefully. LOL.

But at least I have made SOMETHING for myself this year...

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Up late but done

 So, this is the last bit of sewing that I have to sew for the Easter production; dress rehearsal is tomorrow so I had to finish tonight.

I told myself I had to be done by midnight; I have a whole hour to spare, lol.

Another lady is making black costumes for the two Pharisees in our cast, but we needed something resembling the prayer shawls that peek out from under the head drapes.  As I mentioned in the last post, we had some from when we had blue and white Pharisee costumes and at first we thought we'd just sew black ribbon over the blue ribbon.

But, you know, ya never really know what might be useful in the future and we might need those blue-ribboned drapes, since we still have the blue-and-white costumes they go with, so I just decided to make new ones with the black ribbon..

Now, I want to say right up front that these are in no way intended to replicate an actual tallit.  This is stage costuming and is meant to suggest it only.  Despite my usual over-the-top dedication to being authentic, this is something I think is better served by suggestion.  Using an actual tallit with an otherwise inaccurate costume just seems ....wrong.  So we have reasonable facsimiles, not actual replicas.

That includes the tassels.  In the older ones, I just used purchased tassels but sewing notion availability being what it is nowadays, the only tassels I could find in the right size (and price, lol) were red and black, which wouldn't do.  So I bought several skeins of ecru embroidery floss and set about making my own.

And I made tassels, not proper tzitzit, because...well, the whole cultural appropriation thing, and I had no idea how to actually make tzitzit and I didn't really have time to research it.  I had made tassels before, as part of a project with my jr high girls class back in the day,  so I at least had an idea of where to start.

And I took a shortcut.  The instructions I'd had on making tassels began with wrapping the floss around a card...and, you know, those skeins are really already looped around.

So I just cut 'em in half.  Carefully.

Then I cut a length from the extra skein I'd bought  and tied off the looped end of the half-skein, after draping a bit of blue floss over it (the blue thread is specified in Numbers, so I used it, even though it's not proper tzitzit)
I tied it tightly , then cut another bit of floss and tied it off just below the bend.
I wrapped the ends of that second piece around and tied it, then wrapped them around to the other side and tied again...several times... and finished it by pulling the ends down through the middle.  This looks rather muddled, but you can see the large darning needle I used to pull those ends through.
Then I trimmed off the ends even

Sewed them onto the corners of the drapes.
And here's the finished product. 

 I don't think it will show much; I think there's a black head drape that will be over it. But I haven't seen the new costumes, just the inspiration picture, so I'm just going off of that.

Now I need to go collect my old costume and head drapes and such to take to church tomorrow.  It's a short production...only about 25 ish we will have regular choir first and I'll have to change from church clothes to the bible costume pretty quickly.  Without smearing the makeup, lol.  Gonna try the mesh-bag-over-the-head trick; hopefully that will work.

I have more bible costumes to sew this spring, but they are for the kids ministry at the church where my two younger kids are on staff so they can wait until after things settle down a bit.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Another costume out the door...

 So, here were are at the end of March, and I have not made a single thing for my closet yet this year.  Oh, I've putzed around on the Velvet Hippie Earth Mother Skirt, but it is really kind of a tedious thing to do and my heart is not in making a velvet skirt whilst the azaleas are blooming and the birds are singing and spring is calling.  I want to sew nice linen things.

But, first, the Easter Production.  This costume isn't going in the costume wardrobe, it's for a friend who is on staff at church and is, by default, going to be in all the productions.  He's borrowed one of my personal extra costumes and he's borrowed my son's costume in the past, so I thought I'd just make him his own.

The fabric came from a sale at Fabric Mart...the under robe is made of a wool/ poly/ lycra blend and it's really nice.  I did not make NEARLY as many bone-headed mistakes this go round; I guess I just needed to clean the cobwebs out of the bible costume skills, lol.

I got it to him today; I hadn't told him I was doing it but he'd figured it out, lol.  ETA  a couple of days later:  He thought I was just making a costume for him to wear, LOL.  He didn't realize until we were talking about it at dress rehearsal that this costume is for him to OWN.  

I have a couple of small pieces to make for the new Pharisee costumes that another lady is making.  We had white and blue costumes from years ago, with tasseled shawls, but thanks to The Chosen (you are watching it, right?) we need to put our Pharisees in black costumes, lol.  At first, I was just going to sew black ribbon over the blue ribbon on our existing shawls but, after I thought about it I decided we migh want the blue ones so I found some cotton/ linen fabric on sale at Jo Ann's (the only game in town, now, although who knows how much longer that'll hold) to make new ones.  It's surprisingly nice; I think it will work well.  But I can't find any tassels.  So I got several skeins of embroidery floss and I'm just going to make 'em.  

Dress rehearsal is Thursday; I'm behind, lol.  I will probably go in to work late; I have several hours in over my allotment already this pay period so I can  afford to use a couple of hours to sew in the morning.

Maybe I can squeeze in a bit of me-sewing next it will be a squeeze.  The calendar really doesn't let up until  mid April...and that's only for a couple of weeks.  I don't get an extended period of 'nothing on the calendar' until June...but I'm going to get a new hip that first week, so it's a good thing I have some time with no out-of-the-ordinary demands...  hopefully I can get recuperated enough that when things start ramping up again in the fall I'll be back to normal.  And able to put on socks and tie my shoes, lol.  It's day surgery, believe it or not.  Out patient.  Medical technology is truly amazing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

A little reminiscing....

 So, yeah, I am procrastinating.  I popped my knee a bit this evening and it hurts, so I'm sitting at the computer instead of putzing around the cutting table on the next costume...

I poked around on the blog a bit, looking at old posts, and I stumbled across one from 2007 in which I asked all my readers where they were from.

Saw a lot of names I hadn't seen in a long, long time.  I don't think I'll try it again; I had about 30 folks comment on that post and I'm sure I'd get nowhere near that now.  I don't think people comment like they used to.  I know I don't, lol.  Back in the day, there weren't feedburners and we read everyone's post right on the source.  Now most of the blog reading is done on something like Feedly and it takes an extra three or four clicks to get to the 'leave a comment' box.  I'm just as guilty as anyone else of reading right by...sometimes I think I'll go back and leave a comment but I almost always forget.  So I'm not whining about the lack of comments...just kind of wistfully remembering when it was different, lol.

But I did get a bit nostalgic for the community that we had back in those days; we all sewed and wrote it up and commented.  It was a real treat.  We even had some meet ups on shopping road trips and expo dinners, lol.  It was an amazing thing to see how we all connected via the web.

These days...folks are youtubing instead of blogging.  I do have a youtube channel; I think I got it when I made an account back in something like 2009.  I had no idea it was even there until fairly recently.  But, lawd have mercy, I don't think I could come up with enough content to make the youtube channel a thing.  I'm having enough trouble keeping two blogs active.

Maybe I'll fiddle with it in retirement, lol.  Be a cheesy old lady youtuber. Keep the brain sharp by learning video editing.....

Yeah, right, lol.

So anyway this is kinda pointless except to say that I had a love burst for all my friends...those I've met and those I haven't ...who pop by and read the sporadic posts and sometimes even leave a comment.  I appreciate all of you more than I could say.

I will hopefully be back shortly with another costume to show ;-)