Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm still here...

Snapshots today.

First it was jury duty.  I was released on the 2nd day, but I went straight to work.

I had a lot to get done to take a week off.

A week of vacation.  Well, a week of visiting family. 

Which is wonderful and was wonderful but it's not a go-someplace-and-chill-out vacation, if you know what I mean.

Then we came back from a week out of town.  I of last night...I've finally caught up the work that piled up while I was gone.

Now I have to deal with the work that piled up while I tended to the first pile.

I've actually had to bump my part-time hours up at work from 24/wk to 28/wk.

I've finished 4 out of 12 online classes that will eventually net a Master's Degree of sorts.

Can I just say...I've been busy?

I've actually taken choir wardrobe photos for the last 3 weeks but haven't managed to post them.

I've been wrangling pillows through the sewing machine for decor for the women's conference that kicks off two weeks from tomorrow. 

I only had 7 to cover; it's not that involved.

But life has been that crazy.

The silk Plaza jacket ...which I have decided to leave the sleeves off still in progress.

Very beautiful, very frustrating fabric to work with all around.

But I wish I had decided to leave the sleeves off before I used up so much fabric trying to cut them out.

I could've had a kewler, longer vest.

Oh, well.

I have some beautiful fabrics I want  to sew but I am going get the crazy Plaza topper finished off before I cut anything else out.

And I have to finish the pillows before I can do that.

Maybe tonight.'s the choir photo from last Sunday, in this month's designated colors of black and white...

 Yeah.  Old stuff w/ a purchased T shirt.  I just have had no luck sourcing white T shirt knit that isn't sheer.

I wouldn't have time to make white T's now anyway.

Maybe I can get back to the sewing room...after the conference... :-)