Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sleeve Reprieve

The Actor came home after opening night (he's still sleeping @ 20 after 11; he'd been up till one or two AM several nights this week) and said that they decided not to change the sleeves on the lame' shirts. So those shirts will remain intact and useful for something in the future, maybe. I know I shouldn't care -- it's not my show -- but I was glad to hear they were staying as is.

We may try to go tonight. I was sort of thinking we'd watch the last show, but, well, if something came up so we couldn't go the last night, we'd've missed it. So if we can work it out, we'll go tonight.

Meantime, I discovered a fairly serious sale going on at Gorgeous Fabrics. Oh, I was at a weak moment, having done almost no fashion sewing since Pippin hit, and she had a couple of things I've been looking for. No guilt about those, but there was also a black-and-silver brocade piece that ended up in my shopping bag, for which I have no explanation other than I must've been so dazzled by all the glitzy stuff I've been sewing that I kind of automatically picked it up?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

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