Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Expo 08 Classes

I wasn't sure I was going to get to go to the Expo this year; there was a possible schedule conflict w/a church event. But the church event didn't work out, so I sent in my registration Saturday evening, with my fingers crossed that I wouldn't be too late to sign up. My traveling buddy Miss A couldn't leave till Friday this year, so all the classes had to be after noon on Friday. I registered for 4 classes (one is a multi-session class; I had to pay for an extra session on the five class package) Saturday night and crossed my fingers that I'd get in.

Last night I had an email that said my registration was confirmed, so apparently I'm ok! Here's my list:

Louise Cutting, Cutting Line Designs, Fri 1 PM
Cynthia Guffey, Perfectly Fitted Sleeves, Fri 2:30 PM
Cynthia Guffey, Tricky Gizmo Sewing, Fri 6:30 PM
Peggy Sagers, Designer Finishes, Sat. 12:30

There were a couple of other classes I considered, but decided that I didn't really want to spend the entire day and a half in classes...I need *some* shopping time!

And Miss A and I have recruited another friend...who is also a Miss come along.

Now all I need to do is book a room.

And decide what to wear. ;)


  1. Lisa, it's great you got the classes you wanted. I took the Gizmo class with Cynthia last October in Kansas City - it was a lot of fun. She has some really neat tricks up her sleeve.

  2. Lisa, have a wonderful time! Learn lots and share, share, share! (Like you always do so generously!)

  3. Wow, I did leave out that little detail, didn't I?

    This will be the 5th year I've attended the Atlanta Expo; it's the first weekend in March.

  4. YaaaY! Me too.I hope we can meet up.I enjoy your blog and style.I went alone last year as always.This year Faye(another cool blogger) is going with me.Saturday is our day.

  5. Cool, Lisa, I'll look for you!

    Are you taking any classes?