Monday, July 29, 2013

Was life better before the internet?

Sigh.  I thought I'd found my new reader...heading into the twilight of Google Reader, I sampled two or three and finally landed at the Old Reader.  It had some glitches but, hey, it was ok.  I could read the blogs right there.  I could skip the ones I'd already read.  I was happy.

But apparently it was too much of a good thing.  Too many folks signed up and, in trying to make it work, it all fell apart.  The site owners got it working again, but decided life is too short to deal with such things (who can blame them?) and they're going private.

Basically, they've decided to take it back to the small level of users they had before the Google influx.

Which means my account won't make the cut.

Looks like I'm back to bloglovin'...which I don't love...but at least looks to be as permanent as these things can possibly be.

This comes on the heels of  the winds of change over at Stitchers Guild.  I haven't been hanging out there too much base migration and all...but that community also looks to be a victim of its own success.   

Which all makes me wonder if all this connection is really feasible; much longer can we expect all this open space to be free?  Folks labor long and deal with all kinds of life inconvenience for really very little return...while those of us who use their services barely even know their names.   We might send them some money from time to time, and we cheerfully thank them for their expertise, but I can't fault any one who's been sacrificing family time, personal time, sleep and finances to keep the site up who finally says, 'It's just not worth the hassle anymore.'

I didn't miss a reader before I had one; now I'm griping that I don't like the reader I seem to be stuck with.

First world problems, eh?

Don't misunderstand me...I love the connections I've made via the internet and the incredible inspiration that has come from the blogs I read and the contributors to the sites I frequent...or at least, frequent when I get a chance to frequent. ;-)  But it comes at a cost. 

And maybe, just maybe, the cost is higher than any of us is willing to admit.

Just sorta thinking out loud here....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 072113

As I said earlier...more repeats and old stuff.

Colors are sky blue, navy blue, mustard yellow and gray.

Repeat RTW linen jacket and...I think...Lee bootcuts.  The top is from the back of the old I'm not even sure which pattern it is.  I *think* it's the modified City Dress Bodice, even though it is not in the photo album for that review.  It's made from crinkled Tencel gauze and I have worn it to death since I made it in...2003?  Maybe?  I could go look but my eyes are computer weary at the moment and I just don't have the oomph to hunt.  Anyway, it was body skimming then; it's snug now but the crinkles give it enough stretch factor that it's not bad under a friendly loose jacket. ;-)

And, as I'm sure you noticed this post is a whole two days late, I'ma gonna just say that, until we get past the data base migration and I'm breathing easier (I worked 13.5 hours today on my part-time job...) I have taken a bit of a hiatus from choir so that I have every available moment for data entry or...laundry...  So the Choir Wardrobe will be on a bit of a break, too.  I'm hoping it's just for 4 - 6 weeks or so; those who have done migrations before are saying that we are in good shape and everything is progressing nicely; I have no experience in it and all I'm seeing is the pile of old ugly data files that somehow have to get mapped into the new platform but I don't want to bring the old uglies over and I don't know how we are going to mine the gold out of the mess and just take it...

Got some emails out waiting on answers.

Dunno if I will get back to blogger before the sun rises on the other side or not...we'll see.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 071413

We could either call this the 'Throwback' or the 'Fun with Baubles' edition...

July's colors are light blue, navy blue and (technically it should be that brownish-mustard) yellow, with gray also available as the neutral.

I am pulling out seriously old clothes here. 

Clothes that fit much better 10 years and 20 pounds ago.

But, well, if you don't button a double-breasted style it isn't so obvious that it's too small.... ;-)  Truth is, that Sewing Workshop Hong Kong Vest was the very first pattern I reviewed after joining Pattern Review in 2002.

Told ya I was talkin' old stuff.

The ancient Lands' End stretch t on the bottom is pushed to its limits as well, but, well, it's covered up so you can't tell.  Jeans that I've been wearing for ages, too.

Besides the old clothes, though, I had a sudden inspiration this morning and did something I very, very rarely ever do.  Like, I'm not entirely even sure I HAVE done this before...

Wore two different jewelry sets one-on-top-of-the-other.

It may have been a little overkill, but, well, it was fun.

Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm dreaming of a day sewing...

(to the tune of 'White Christmas')

Just like the ones I used to spend
When I was younger
And days were longer
Or so it seemed way back then

I'm dreaming of a day sewing
Something lovely just for me
A Jacket, dress or just a Tee
When I've got a breather finally....

But with a data base migration in the crunch stage and two more out of town may be Christmas before that happens... ;-)

Monday, July 08, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 070713

Well, we zoomed up to Hoosierland and family for the 4th, then zoomed back to Rocket City in time to be in our expected places on Sunday; I basically stayed at church all day so My Sweet Babboo snapped yesterday's photo in the hall outside my office.

The colors have changed; we're now wearing sky blue, navy blue, mustard yellow and gray.  I pulled out some straight leg Lees, an ancient Jalie 965 tank top and an off-last-years'-clearance-rack linen topper from Coldwater that always looks way better in the mirror than it looks in any photo.  The yellow jewelry isn't spot on the right color...more French's than Gray Poupon, but since it's just a wee bit it didn't matter.

We haven't worn light blue in years;  this is actually one of my favorite color combos to wear but I've let my light blue wardrobe dwindle considerably; you're probably going to see mucho repeating this month, unless I can manage to get a buncho sewing done.

Considering the data base is scheduled to migrate in about 3 weeks, I don't think I'm going to get to sew much of anything...