Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Inspired by...part 2...

So here's the new top, after a day of work.  Something that didn't occur to me when I drafted the facings...the neckline is meant to have a small neckband.  I should have taken that into account and actually raised the neckline about 3/4" all around, THEN drafted the facings.  That's probably a major reason why the top feels a little big.

And, to be honest, it's a little longer on me than the original inspiration top (see yesterday's post.).  But any shorter and it would fail the 'Praise Check' so I'm ok with it being a little long.  That means I don't have to wear a safety cami under it.  And not wearing extra layers is a good thing under stage lights.

The knit this is made of is perfectly yummy...very, very soft and  comfy.  I've got another yard-ish left.  Might could get a more fitted cap-sleeve t out of it.  Maybe.  Or maybe I'll just use it for trim and accents on things.  Stripes are good for that.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Inspired by....

Wow, two garments in one month!  (hashtag sarcasm).  But still...sewing a bit at a time is better than not sewing at all, LOL.

This was a sudden inspiration.  I don't follow a lot of fashion blogs...it just seems that so many are hung up on the latest latest and designer labels and...I don't know.  Just seems kinda silly to me.  And expensive.  BUT...of the two or three that I do follow, my favorite, by far, is one I'm sure is familiar to everybody.  Janice Riggs 'Vivienne Files' is a practical style blog.  Sure, she throws in some expensive things (I will never own a Hermes scarf. Ever.  $60 is my top scarf allowance, and I would have to ABSOLUTELY BE SMITTEN with a scarf to pay that much for it. But whatever), but a lot of the stuff she uses comes from places like Lands' End and Eddie Bauer.

But, in her recent series, she posted a top that caught my eye.  It's Eileen Fisher, and so out of my price range, but....

So simple, so elegant.

And it's just a slightly modified Sewing Workshop Eureka Top:

Substitute a facing for the neck band, leave the sleeve bands uncuffed and lengthen it just a hair (it runs short on me) and...

Wouldn't you know, I had some white on black stripe knit in the stash.  A little narrower than the stripe on the EF top, but, hey, it's inspired by, right?

It's funny...I've made this top 3 times before and this one feels really big.  Guessing it's the extra length. But if I want to wear it in choir (and next month is gray scale...black,white, gray), it has to pass the 'praise check'...that is, it can't hike up past my waistband if I raise both arms.  So I needed the length.

If I wear it to work next week, I'll take a mirror selfie. ;-)

Oh, the fabric is a really, really nice 4-way stretch rayon/lycra that I got during one of Fabric Mart's big sales.  So the top cost a whopping $10.37 US.  About $120 US less than the organic cotton EF version.

hashtag why i sew... :-)

Monday, July 16, 2018

A little testing, a little sewing...

Well, a few months back I got some Brussels Washer Linen, in a nice light cross-woven gray, for some drapey, comfy summer pants.

I  knew, though, that I'd need a fairly loose style.  And I didn't think my TNT Oxford pants were quite drapey enough.

I thought about just altering that pattern, but, goodness gracious I've got something like 600 patterns stashed in an old Simplicity cabinet; SURELY there was something?

Well, I pulled out this OOP Simplicity pattern, copyright 1996:

 Y'all.  That's the year the Flute Player was born.

But that top could be in today's pattern books.  And the pull on pants...well,  it was a possibility.  Unlike 85% of the patterns in the cabinet, which were purchased when I was a much smaller me, this one had a wide enough range of sizes that I thought I could make it fit.

But I didn't trust it enough; didn't want to use my nice rayon/linen on an unproven pattern.  So I went rummaging through the 'bottom weight cottons' bin and found a 1.25 yard remnant and cut out the shorts.
I trimmed a pinch off of the front and added the wedge to the back as a compromise low-butt alteration that, surprisingly, worked.

Sorry for the flat photo.  I've no idea when I'll actually get to wear them.  Certainly not on a work day.

These are an otherwise unaltered Medium.  MEDIUM.  I didn't even use my cheater adjustment of using skinnier seam allowances; full 5/8" on these puppies, because of the inseam pockets.

I will say this:  were I  a skinnier me, there would be ENTIRELY too much fabric collected around the waist.  But, being post-menopausally absent a true waistline, these work just fine.

I can trace off the longer version (I'll probably just trace the legs and overlap the pattern, lol) and cut away.

And, you know, I may look for some drapey something woven to try that top.  Just for fun.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Making one post work for two...

Not sewing related at all...although I did wear something I made...

We spent last weekend at the ol' stompin' ground, celebrating my In-Law's 70th wedding anniversary.

Rather than re-write the post and re-load the photo...I'll just link it up to the Other Blog.