Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Workin' on the Gold Shirts

Not much to say; just plugging away. I'm hoping to have two done to take to school tonight; barring major distractions I should be able to do it.

Having nothing great shakes to report in the sewing area, I thought I'd give an update on DS. He saw the orthopedic guy yesterday, and, after explaining over and over again to various technicians and nurses how he broke it, and enduring an unbelievable number of comments about 'break dancing', he came out with another temporary cast. Turns out that the bone was broken bending in, which means that it could continue to bend in over time and eventually even fuse to the ulna (the other forearm bone). So the Doctor says he needs surgery to put a metal pin/plate in to splint it properly. He wanted to do the surgery today, but DS was determined to go to Phoenix. So the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday next week, and DS will be dancing in Phoenix on Friday.

I know dancing as ministry sounds kinda strange to some folks, but it is a highly effective ministry tool to young people today. Nonetheless, if anyone had told DS 5 years ago that he would be one of the dancers in the ministry we ALL would have hit the floor laughing. He's even done some of the choreography on this. The song they're dancing to is 'I Want it All Back' by Tye Tribbett (the song should start when you click on the link; if it doesn't, you can click on it on the little MP3 player on the right), and it includes the lines 'If you only knew what I was gonna be/After the storm you would/ not 'a bothered me!'...somehow, that seems appropriate.


  1. I'm impressed with him. Dancing for ministry sounds like a great idea. The Lord of the Dance is my favorite song.
    I'm coding for God these days. Here's what's eating up my sewing time:

    I've made the videos and picture collections.

    I will pray for the success of his ministry and for the success of his surgery and healing.
    Dance on!

  2. Impressive website!

    Hey, you're being creative for God; what's to complain? ;)