Monday, February 25, 2008


I didn't get to see the show Saturday after all; we went to yesterday's matinée. I ended up sewing through Saturday night's performance instead (I'll write about the Saga of the Troupe Boys' Pants tomorrow).

I'm not sure when they're going to give the notes for yesterday's performance, but The Actor's definitely going to be called upon the carpet. In the opening number, there is a bit where all that is visible is gloved hands waving...then lights go up and the actors come from behind the scrim and begin to dance.

My sweet Tigger of a son did not have his gloves on. Oh, there was a reason...or rather, a combination of events that caused him to go on stage barehanded, which began with him forgetting to get makeup on until it was nearly too late. He'd've been fine, except the face masks that they also wear were not preset back stage where they were supposed to be and, after barely getting his makeup on, he had to run 'round to the other side of the stage to get his mask. When he came back to his place, the lights were down and he was fumbling to try and get the gloves on. He just didn't get 'em on before the lights and curtain came up.

Now, I didn't notice bare hands in the opening moments, but it was very, very obvious in the dance portion of the opening number; he's on the front. The people in front of me even whispered, 'that kid on the end doesn't have gloves on!'

He felt terrible, and wants us to go see the show again next weekend when he 'won't mess up so bad!' If there's anything left of him after his upcoming chewing out.

But the show was beautiful to watch and the plot was kind of...thought provoking. Lots of analogy and symbolism.

Maybe we'll go see it again. ;)

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  1. You give so much, I am awed! Just a note about The Actor, he doesn't really need to get chewed out at all, he's done it to himself. I know, I am my own worst enemy!