Saturday, February 02, 2008

How Fast Can I Type?

I've got to load up and head out to school in about 20 minutes...but yesterday was a Significant Sewing Day and I want to get the details and pictures up before I go, so...if the grammar and spelling are neglected, I'll fix 'em when I get home ;)

The significance wasn't in the sewing I did, but in the sewing related things I did. A fellow Pattern Review member, Peggy L, was in town to celebrate the opening of a new Jason's Deli, which is managed by her son-in-law. It just so happens that the new deli is just around the corner from one of the Hancock's stores in town, so Peggy and her daughter and I decided to meet up there to take advantage of the Vogue and Butterick pattern sale. (I bought a bunch of patterns; I'll talk about those in detail next week). Whilst we were perusing, I found a batch of really nice rayon/lycra jersey knits that were on sale for 1/2 price. Now, I had just been lamenting to myself this week that I needed a few more really nice long-sleeved knit I bought three two-yard pieces:

Yeah, they're all black and's Black and White for choir this month; incentive to not let them sit around. ;)

Then we met Mr. L at Jason's for lunch (which was excellent; I'll go back w/My Sweet Baboo sometime) and Peggy's daughter snapped a photo before we left:

We had a lovely time; it's always great to meet an on-line friend in real life ;)

I came home, threw the knits in the washer and dryer ran some other errands and took care of other laundry; then, last night while My Sweet Baboo was attending a symposium, decided I *must* make one of those knits up. I was near to distraction, anyway, since I couldn't seem to get a stitch in edgewise on one of my own projects.

So, after a couple of false starts w/patterns that weren't ready to cut for one reason or another, I defaulted to my TNT Vogue 7799. I think the print is slightly off grain; hard to tell, with a knit, because you can't just check a crosswise thread to see, but it behaved as if it were off grain. I kind of struggled to get the lines straight (evidenced by the misaligned motifs on the underlayer at the left shoulder. Oh well.). And there was no way to avoid having *some* print element right at the bustline. I finished it at 12:15 crazy is that?...but it sure felt good to have something wearable. My Sweet Baboo was still up, since he'd been out late anyway, and I got him to take a photo.

Hopefully, I'll look better in the top in a future choir Sunday photo...maybe even tomorrow!

Ooops! Time's up...gotta run...


  1. What a great day - friends and fabric! I love all of those fabrics that you bought. I see you didn't waste any time making something new, either. Looks great.

  2. Wow that's a fast turnaround - fabric in, top out. The top looks great on you. Those TNT patterns are invaluable aren't they?

  3. Wow! That was quick. I don't even have my fabric out of the bag yet. Love your top.

    It really is fun to meet PR buddies!