Monday, February 11, 2008

Halfway There

I finished the silver shirts Saturday at virtually the moment I needed to leave to go get DS from rehearsal; I pulled the last one off the machine, grabbed the stack and headed out; I trimmed the threads after I got there. But...I didn't get a photo of the whole stack. Rats.

But they're DONE and now I can move on to the gold ones. I ironed on all the interfacing last night and discovered that I was short a couple of sets of sleeve cuff pieces. And I didn't have the sense to bring home any scraps 'just in case'. So I'm either going to modify the cuffs a bit so I don't need the other pieces (i.e., make them fold-over instead of faced) or I'll have to pick up some scrap fabric somehow.

These shirts will be a little harder to make in a big batch; every one of them is a different size and I don't want to risk getting the sizes mixed up. So I'll probably do them two (or *maybe* three) at a time, just so I don't have so many parts floating around. We'll see how the day goes....


  1. Lisa, could you use colored stickers to help match the right size pieces? You know, size A is this color, size B is that color...

  2. I probably could; but then I'd have to keep up w/the stickers.

    I've got separate baggies for each of them.

    But after doing 5 at once, and really having to push myself to do the last two (collars, sleeves, hems, etc) every time through the machine, I think I'd like to finish a couple, then do a couple more, etc... ;)