Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Costume Inspiration

This is the lattice-print black velvet that caused so much trouble w/the troupe boys' breeches; it was also used on several other pieces in the production (For scale: that's about 2" on the straight sides). It looks amazing on stage...very much like chain mail. Very cool.

And it got me thinking. Our angel costumes at church are really in a bad way. They weren't made terribly well to begin with, they're fraying out and kind of stained. NOt to mention just cheap lightweight satin that kinda looks like a night gown. Replacing those costumes has been on my list of things to do for a while now. But, well, we currently have no budget, but someday...

Anyway, looking at that fabric, I wondered if it was available in gold on white. And if it is...and if I can find it...(I *think* the black came from Hancock's) I'd like to do a totally different sort of angel costume. I'd like to put our angels in something that looks like a medieval knight; complete w/scabbard and sword. And use the theoretical gold-on-white velvet. Wouldn't that be cool??

So, anyway, here's an APB...if anyone actually sees some of this velvet stuff in white, could you let me know? I might just buy it myself and stick it back for the day when I can get some new things done... ;)


  1. Alright - I'll keep my eyes open, is it a stretch fabric?

    Very interesting concept for an angel costume. There is constant spiritual warfare going on around us, unseen, so in my mind it fits in a way.

  2. Yes, it's a poly blend...maybe some lycra...velvet, but the metallic print kind of stabilizes it and keeps it from stretching much. It only has about 40% stretch. I looked on Hancock's website but they didn't have any there. In fact, none of the internet sites (I just checked the larger ones) had it...not even the black. So I don't know if it's really available or not.

    There are several Biblical references to angels doing battle; I think I'd like to represent that.

  3. Angels in gold chainmail - sounds intriguing.