Sunday, February 10, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #5

This Month's Colors: Black and white

The bad thing about hopping down between songs in the pre-service practice is that everyone is fellowshipping instead of being all sharp and choir-y looking. But you can get an idea of how the whole colors thing works,right?

Since we were also serving at our periodic information lunch for folks who have recently visited the church, I didn't go real dressy today. In fact, I went for 1)comfortable and 2) washable.
Top: Kwik Sew 2900 from a tweedy knit of undetermined content that I inherited from my grandmother. This shirt has been hanging in my closet since 2002. I didn't like the low armholes when I made it, but for some reason I keep wearing it and wearing it and wearing it...
Pants:New Look 6101, from black rayon blend "4-way' double knit from EmmaOneSock.

I caught DS in the hallway; he's got a backpack slung on his back, not a back brace or anything like that. He's determined to dance his little heart out when they do the dance at the International Master's Commission Conference Friday. Wish I could see it...

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  1. Great outfit, Lisa! It looks comfortably dressy. Or dressily comfortable :-)