Thursday, January 31, 2008

Diagnosis Strange

Ok, I finally went to the Dr yesterday to see if I could find out what was causing the 'missing cylinder' and was surprised that the preliminary diagnosis was related to digestion, not respiration, which was what I was expecting. But the Dr's line of reasoning was sound, so I have a round of medicine and a slightly restricted after 5 pm diet and the assurance that, if that is indeed the problem, I should notice a difference in how I feel in about a week and a half.

I certainly hope so. Dragging around and losing valuable time to napping is not getting anything accomplished.

Anyway, all I got done on my costuming yesterday was cutting a bunch of red and purple strips for the headbands; the director wanted to expanded the use of a couple of the palette colors a bit, so we want some glitzy stuff to pull in just a little (more) punch. So I whacked about 70 3/8" strips of sparkle mesh (not sure what to call this stuff; it's got little plastic metallic dots) in red and purple.

I didn't get anything done on the lame shirts and I certainly didn't get my black-and-white rayon to the cutting table. Keely asked what the fabric wanted to be...well, when I originally bought it, I was thinking I'd make a skirt. But once I got it home I decided it was just a little too...spongy? make the skirt. And it had an interesting pattern on the reverse (those two-sided fabrics always give me problems w/design...I want to use both sides somehow). So it stayed in the 'on deck' cabinet, but I couldn't visualize what I wanted.

Then, Tuesday, I realized I wanted a drapey top/jacket out of it...and after some musing, thought of Loes Hinse's Retro Jacket. I'd made it for SWAP '05, then decided I could tweak the fit just a little. Not too long ago I finally got around to making those tweaks on the pattern (mostly adding a little length so that the bust point and the waistline were just a bit lower), but hadn't made it up yet. That pattern wants a kind of heavy, drapey!

All I need is a little time and a little energy... ;)


  1. I like using the other side of two sided fabrics as a trim or edge. Piping in seams or binding on edges. Make facings and sew them to the outside. That kind of thing.

    Hope you're feeling better soon... lack of energy is really frustrating.

  2. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to use the reverse after all; but I do have a couple of things I'm mulling over...either making piping, or using the reverse on the lapel.

    But the design on the fabric is a little eye-wavering anyway; I'm not sure it *needs* more interest w/the reverse.

    I'll make up my mind when I get there. ;)

  3. I like doing what Kathleen said.

    I do hope you're going to be feeling better soon. Nothing is worse mentally than not feeling physically well enough to do the things you need and want to.