Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meeting More School Sewing Ladies

I took just the serger to this afternoon's selected sewing site; we tag teamed a bunch of work and got 9 more Big Black Robes completely finished, with the rest in various stages of completion. Tomorrow is another sewing day; the kids have an all day rehearsal. DS the Younger will be late; he's getting braces put on his teeth. And I may need to leave early; DH has an optometrist appointment in the afternoon and DD will be needing the other car, since she has a dentist appointment.

We really need to compare our schedules at least once in a while.

But I got to meet a few more of the ladies who work the backstage magic for the school production. And was surprised to find that one of them had kind of stumbled across Sew Random and read a post or two last could have knocked me over with a feather when she said, 'Do you write a blog?'

I bet we know all know each other really well before the show closes on March 1.

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