Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stuff It

LOL Nope, not sewing's 'stuff the end of year giving statements in the envelopes and mail them' day at church...a huge task requiring a big volunteer crew. However, because of the sensitive nature of the information on the statements, the volunteer pool is limited to people who already work in that area (and counting offering is something all the deacon couples do from time to time). So...I'm going to go fold and stuff. It'll probably take the whole school day.

I managed to get an hour of sewing time in yesterday and I made 7 of the chair covers. The first two were a little slower; I caught on to the rhythm after that. I've got 14 left so I expect to finish that job in 2 hours or maybe a little less. I'll see if I can get one hour in tonight before I go over to the school and work on Pippin Costumes.

Tonight I'll be taking my cutting and pressing stuff to the school; I've got a bunch of shirts to cut out if the fabric's in. If it's not, one of the other tasks is attaching tissue lame' to tuxedo lapels. The sample made Tuesday night wanted to curl, so we decided we'd try fusing some interfacing on the lame' to see if that will help keep it from shifting/pulling/curling. That'll be a block fuse job, I think. I don't know if I'll be pressing or if someone else will, but the backup iron and a bunch of towels on the formica tables ought to work somewhat.

BTW, one of the other ladies brought it a couple of dresses made for one (or maybe two?) of the principle girls...tapestry brocade w/lovely trims, both in rich gold tones. One was supposed to lace up the back; I thought it was really clever the way they worked around the lacing so it still *looked* that way, but was actually closed w/a zipper so she could change fast. They put flanges w/the hooks (they didn't want to do grommets for some reason) on either side of the zipper and ran the lacing through the hooks; one of the flanges is attached w/large snaps, so all it needs is a quick unsnap and unzip and she's out of it. Smart!

I'm filing that away in my mental idea box for possible future use. ;)


  1. I'm stuffing the envelopes on Friday! My church has a similar system. "Now that you are so important, you have to stuff some envelopes." LOL.

    I'm looking forward to pictures of the Chopin blouse and chair covers.

  2. Lisa, I get tired just reading about your schedule! Don't know how you get so much accomplished, and how you get sewing incorporated into your life so well. You must be super organized and have very neat children!

  3. HA! HA HA HA!

    Um, let's just say I have somewhat lower housekeeping standards than I would prefer in a perfect world... I pray for the day when I can subscribe to a magazine titled Good Enough Homes and Gardens....