Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year, New Queue

Well, a short queue. I think I'm going to try to avoid having a queue that would take more than two weeks of dedicated sewing to get through. It loses too much of the creative inspiration when it sits around. So I will cut one more thing...making a total of three...and then I'll put away the cutting boards and focus on sewing.

I changed my mind just before cutting the blue flannel; I didn't have enough fabric to make Butterick 5087. Even if I *hadn't* had to cut around moth damage, the under and upper collars are both cut on the bias and use a BUNCH of fabric...I didn't have enough to start with. So I decided to do one of my Loes Hinse jackets; they all are pretty fabric frugal. But as I was pressing the fabric, I noticed how very similar the right and wrong sides are and realized that it was a good choice for the ultra-simple Robin's Jacket by Silhouette Patterns. So that's what got cut out. Somewhere I have a remnant of the faux suede that I used to bind the edges of the red/silver plaid, but I haven't been able to run it down. If I can't find it, I'll just use the recommended black bias tape. On this jacket, the binding is the most time-consuming part of the construction.

Plus, I cut out Sewing Workshop's Cityscapes Dress from the post-parity-acquired royal blue velvet. That's a garment that takes longer to cut out and mark than it does to sew! And...there's a bonus...I've got roughly 1 3/4 yards left; I can have a stretch velvet t, too! I'm thinking Vogue 2945...I've got it traced already from a previous 'I changed my mind' moment. It'd look really elegant in stretch, maybe I should cut out *two* more projects!

The one I planned to cut out today is another Sewing Workshop pattern...the Chopin Blouse, from royal blue/grey/white stripe silk duppioni.

I think I could get those things made in the next two weeks....

And I'm debating a fabric order from Michael...just about everything is at least 50% off and I need some good black suit weight; my black pants wardrobe is beginning to look a little aged and I'd like at least one more fresh looking pair before long.

Think, think, think!

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