Thursday, January 17, 2008

An oops fabric?

The Fabric Mart order arrived...or, sort of arrived...yesterday. Of the two fabrics I ordered, one was listed as 'sold out', although the first indication I had of that was when I picked up the surprisingly small box and felt how light it was. The black/white/red glen plaid was no longer available. Well, that's probably a good thing, since I had no plans to sew it up immediately...I just really liked it.

But I did get four yards (well, actually 4 3/8 yards) of one of the Anna Sui silks. Imagine my surprise when I laid the fabric over the chair to take a photo (it does not have the green/yellow cast that shows up in the photo) and saw that print discontinuity! It's there about every yard. I intended it for lining anyway, at $4.99 a yard it's cheaper than Ambiance, even after adding shipping, so I'm not devastated that I'd have to work around it too much, but it would have been *really nice* if FM had indicated on the website that this problem is there. I mean, what if I'd've wanted to make a floor-length dress with it? I originally added it to the 'Fabric In', thinking I might want a blouse out of it, but now that I've seen that little problem I think I'm going to move it out of 'Fabric In' to 'Yard Goods Notions' (that's lining and interfacing and it doesn't count against the stash). Not much chance I'll finegle it around for a blouse now.

Ok, I just convinced myself. This is lining, period. ;)

ETA Friday Morning: I sent an email to FM about the problem and got a reply from Joann at Fabric Mart this morning; she said they'd fix the description on the site and offered to send me additional fabric free of charge if I needed more for my intended project. For lining, it doesn't matter, so I didn't need any. But I checked the link above and it looks like the panel length is noted now, so hopefully it'll be a heads up for anyone else!


  1. That's too bad! At least you can see the silver lining in the whole thing (yes, pun intended!) and I'm sure there will be a few of garments in the future with stunning linings.

  2. That's too bad about the print. But it will be beautiful lining.

  3. It's possible that this is a scarf print. That would explain the regular repeats of the flaw....
    at any rate, lining from this will be lovely!

  4. Lisa,
    Uhm, I took a look at the website... it's not explained well, but it does say it's a 45"x31" panel.
    I think Shannon's right... it's a scarf print. They show it made into a blouse though, so it would have been a good idea to have pointed out the discontinuity in bolder print.
    It'll make a stunner of a lining! And I like bold fun linigs in garments and even in pockets and hidden facings.

  5. Kathleen, I got an email early this morning and JoAnn said they would note the panels on the website, so I think that's probably been fixed now. I'm not sure it's a scarf print...there's no border of any kind like there are on the ones that are designated as a scarf print. The floral print just stops...with some of the flowers cut off. It's a puzzlement! I'm just glad I didn't have my heart set on a slinky dress out of it! LOL