Saturday, January 05, 2008


You've probably caught the moaning and groaning about budget keeping (actually, the accounting process, not the discipline of Not Spending, although that's certainly moan-worthy, too) during the past year. Last January we switched home accounting programs to a completely revised and updated version of our old one and so had to essentially start over. But we had some compatibility problems and minor bugs that took forEVER to clear out. Result: when we finally got it up and running, the budget was about 5 months behind.

I've worked at it some over the year...a couple of times I got within 6 weeks of being caught up but then life got busy and we fell behind it again.

Now, after about a week of being chained to the computer, all I have to do is check off my December charge receipts against the bill and we're...caught up. Wow.

But, in the interim we've discovered that our budget is rather outdated and needs some pretty major adjustments to better reflect what our needs are. So that means we've got to overhaul our end of it again before we can start with 2008. Hopefully that will happen Really Soon so we won't get way behind again.

Do you see a New Year's Resolution in the making here? As in , "I resolve to sit down and do all budget keeping on a weekly basis?"

Sigh. Still no royal blue anything cut out...

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