Monday, January 21, 2008

Chopin on Hold

And I did so hope to finish it before I had to switch the focus to Other Stuff, but, alas, the Other Stuff hit a lot faster than I expected.

Today's a school holiday, but DS the Younger has an orthodontic appointment to begin phase 2 of his treatment...braces, again. No bands, for which he should be grateful, but brackets and wires. So he'll be late to the all-day musical rehearsal. I'll tag along to the musical rehearsal; we'll be cranking out black hoodie robes all day.

But, whilst DS has the metal applied to his mouth, I've got to run over to church to see if a prototype item will work. Our children's church needs 20 little slipcovers to go over chair backs so they can mark the seats as reserved for the kids' leadership team. And they need them by Feb. 1, so they can get the iron-on transfers with the ministry logo and 'RESERVED FOR QUEST FORCE' applied to them all by the end of the month, which is when they're unveiling the new and improved, remodeled kids' sanctuary (the drapey pennant things I made last fall were part of this same project). Fortunately, these little covers are very similar in construction to pillowcases, so it takes only minutes to make one...but there ARE 20 to make.

Once I make sure the prototype fits, I can head to Hancock's for fabric later today and get what I need. Not sure how that'll all work yet; My Sweet Baboo has to be transported from work to the optometrist this afternoon, too, so I may not get to Hancock's until later this evening.

At least the Chopin Blouse doesn't need the serger, really, so it doesn't matter that I put black thread on it for now. Maybe I can catch a few minutes after supper tonight to work on it.

Or maybe I'll chop up the chair cover fabric...

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