Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Pippin Costumes: Taking the cutting boards tonight to whack the supersized black hoodies to length. On deck: liquid lame' pirate-style shirts. This will apparently be a pretty glitzy show. There are also pants to make, but I think I'm going to win the shirts. Um, yeah. But it's the knit lame', not the wirey, ravely woven stuff, so I think it'll be ok. I suppose this really is good learning experience for me, but I'm *really, really* glad I'm just a hired hand and not the head honcho. It has been interesting to see the resemblances between the school's costuming issues and the church's...we found out that the black robes will need to be split open from the neck to at least the waist in the front w/velcro added so the kids can pull them apart to get out of them quick. No one told the costumers that until the director saw the final robes (she wasn't the one who passed the prototype; that was just checked to make sure it would cover everything that needed covering). So there's more to be done on the robes, which were finished yesterday and assigned to cast and marked for length. And, a couple of the ladies went to the storage area to find some rolling racks and discovered the storage area was a complete and total shambles. When they reported that, there were cries of dismay from around me, 'But, we had that perfect when we cleaned up after Ragtime!'

I guess the costumer's lot is a universal one...communication glitches and storage issues don't just happen over at church ;)

Chair covers My prototype only needed a smidgen more width, so I made a note of that and then went shopping. I found some suitable fabric @ Hancock's yesterday...khaki cotton twill. I'd've been happier if the color leaned a little more to tan, but it was the best I could do. I prewashed it, tore it to the right length and serged off the edges. Next, I need to cut each length to the proper width (I can get three chair covers from each length) and serge the sides. The fold will be across the top. I'm going to try to get half of them done today, then switch the serger back to blue, if I have any time for sewing before heading back to school tonight. (Ah, ever the optimist...)

Chopin Blouse The front edges have been folded back and topstitched; I'm ready for shoulder seams.

I really need a haircut too (the problem w/shorter hair...maintenance...), we'll see how THAT can get squeaked in...

Today, I've got a parting shot...

I made him laugh by sternly instructing him not to smile. I do feel sorry for him, though...the inside tissue of his mouth is pretty raw. Wax on, Grasshopper, wax on....

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