Friday, January 04, 2008

A Promise Kept

Keeping promises is extremely important, but sometimes it's easy to let those promises made to oneself kind of slip away.

So yesterday, I kept a promise to myself. I promised myself if I made parity for 2007, I would reward myself with a Burda World of Fashion subscription.

I dropped some large hints about it for Christmas, but apparently no one caught them, so yesterday I went online and subscribed.

My first issue should arrive sometime after Feb. 15.

I'm looking forward to it! I've seen so many terrific garments made from BWOF patterns in the last couple of years; now I can do something besides gaze wistfully at them.

I'll worry about how to store them later...12 issues shouldn't be too bad.



  1. Lisa, congratulations! Not only for keeping the promise but also for not yielding to impulse and jumping the gun.... Enjoy!

  2. Good for you! I hope you love BWOF as much as I do.