Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blue January

First up for the New Year is Royal Blue sewing. Our choir will be wearing royal blue with black this month, so I finally have a reason to sew up the royal blue stuff in the stash. My biggest problem is deciding where to start; royal blue is probably my favorite color and I have quite a bit stashed up there.

Now, to add impetus to the whole thing, we usually do a jigsaw puzzle over the holidays. Because we were traveling, the jigsaw puzzle did not get pulled out until yesterday. I worked the frame and discovered that the card table is too small for this year's puzzle...I thought it was 36" on a side (the longest puzzle edge is 36"); turns out the table's just 34" square. So the only table we could use to work the puzzle is, um, my cutting table.

My first reaction was...quick! Alter those patterns and cut out a quick queue of royal blue so you can work that puzzle! But I'm trying to be less stressed in life; I think I will just put away the too-big puzzle and get out a smaller one. We'll do the big one the next time we DON'T head north for the holidays. And I'll plan ahead to not need the cutting table.

So, I've measured the alterations I need to get a fabulous fitting Sewing Workshop Chopin Blouse and I intend to alter the pattern, cut it out of that beautimous royal blue stripe silk duppioni I bought on the last trip to Textile Fabrics, put royal blue thread in the machines and sew.

Um, while I work on laundry and end-of-year budget balancing, too. Good thing I've got something available for Sunday already. I hope I get it done in time for next week.


  1. Our family used to always do a jigsaw puzzle over the holidays too! I miss that. Sounds like a huge puzzle too - 36" wow!

  2. It's a Springbok puzzle...1500 large pieces. An Alpine village in winter...nice Christmas-time puzzle!

    Next year. ;)