Saturday, July 21, 2007

Road Trip Report

Well, Miss D (a newbie to our church sewing team) and I went up to Nashville today to catch the tail end of Textile Fabrics annual 50% off sale. Was it ever a delightful day!

We left really early, and got into town just a bit after nine. First on the program was "Find Muna Couture". It was just a bit of a tricky assignment...Muna Couture is on the SECOND story of a little strip shopping center. But we only drove by once; spotted it on the second pass. What a charming shop! I'd love to go just hang out for a day and watch a master couturier in action. Muna had photos all over the place of pictures her clients have taken of the garments she made for that devotion or what? And...oh, my, the fabrics!!! TO DIE FOR!! Silks and rayons like I have never seen anywhere...even on the Internet! But we caught it at a fortuitious moment; all her cotton fabrics were 50% off. Even so, I had to stretch the budget to get the one piece I'd promised myself I'd get, but it will be a classic and I'm pleased with it. It's the brown embroidered denim eyelet...yes, the same fabric that was available in a popular newsletter/swatch service last year. Muna's price was a little higher, but I consoled myself with the fact that it sold out quickly last year and I didn't have to pay shipping... ;) If I ever need to create a garment from some truly wonderful high-end fabric, I know where to go now to find said fabric.'ll be a jacket...but I've got to decide which one.

Then we went on to Textile Fabrics, which really was not too far away. I know Miss D had a HUGE pile of stuff she carried up to the counter...mostly batiste and ginghams, I think. She's embarking on a home sewing business, doing heirloom things for children, and so she got stuff for that. Me, selfish fabric oinker that I am, got fabric for my own closet. First, the necessaries...lining for the trench coat. While I was at the lining rack, I saw Ambiance that, at 50 % off, was $4.50. I wish I'd taken a list of colors I could use! I got two pieces that I *know* I have an immediate use for. Then, the fun stuff...a piece of purple wool crepe (75% off) and a piece of printed rayon/linen, also 75% off (they were in the clearance room). And...the piece of fabric I couldn't leave in the store...a gorgeriffic piece of royal blue, grey and white striped silk duppioni. Oh, is it beautiful! and it's my absolute favorite color in the whole world...the photo doesn't do it justice:

While at Textile Fabrics, Sarah, who posts as Redhead on PR and Stitcher's Guild, dropped by and shopped with us and joined us for lunch. We had a grand time getting acquainted for real!

Then, Miss D and I ventured over to Jo Ann's; I wanted to look at Burda patterns (I got 3) and, as the Buttericks were on sale, I got a couple of those, too.

As I said, we had a delightful day!


  1. Hello again! It was great seeing you today. Love that duppioni. I hope that we do this again next year.

  2. Me, too! It could become a tradition ;).

    When I got home, I asked 21 YO DD if she thought the floral linen was hideously ugly. She glanced at it and replied, 'Um, yeah, pretty much.'

    !!! I don't know if I'm ever going to figure out what that girl would wear...

    Oh, well, I guess I'll have to make a skirt or something for myself. ;)

  3. The blue silk is gorgeous! Lucky you to have such a fun trip.

  4. Well, it's a far cry from meeting in the District Formerly Known as Garment and heading up to Kashi's, but it'll do...