Saturday, March 31, 2007


What is it about dress rehearsals that brings out my snappy, growly side?

I don't like that about myself; this has happened before and it still surprises me.

Most of the folks are wonderful to work with and will do anything, understanding that the resources are limited. Others will *say* they understand that the resources are limited, then use the word 'but'. And what comes after 'but' kind of negates their stated understanding of the limited resources....

All in all, the costume issues were much fewer and less severe than they have been in past dress rehearsals, so that's something to be relieved over. And I don't think we'll *ever* have a dress rehearsal that doesn't bring some, um, issues to's unrealistic to expect otherwise.

But I think I was a little short at a couple of odd moments...and that bothers me.

Well, I'm going to eat and catch a quick nap; maybe that will improve my disposition a bit. Then I'll tackle a couple of the issues that came up this morning...

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  1. Lisa, I hope a nap and snack help! Dress rehersals can be rough. I'm glad there weren't too many costume issues and I hope you can get them fixed before the performances (one being tomorrow, right?!?)