Sunday, March 18, 2007

Attitude Adjustment

Mylon LeFevre was our guest speaker at church this morning. DH and I had the honor of being escorts/assistants for Mylon and his wife, so we were in both services. Many folks may remember Mylon and Broken Heart from the early years of Christian rock...I didn't (Petra, yes...). But he has been to church before about a year and a half ago and so I knew we were in for a treat this morning.

Can you believe his topic was reducing stress? I got my 'I've got too much work to do!!!' whining dealt with twice...once in first service; once in second.

Bottom line: this is ministry. Not a business. Either I trust God or I don't. If I trust Him, He's not going to pile more on me than I can take. If it's a load that makes me pout and whine, it has a purpose. Hey, if by sewing for a couple of weeks I can facilitate something that touches someones' life and makes them aware of their hope and them a glimpse of who God is...isn't that worth it?

So, my perspective has shifted back around so that it's not on me (as if it was about me in the first place) and on the project. Which is where it needs to be...'cause I still gotta receive a whole lotta grace to pull this one off. ;)


  1. And, you'll be wrappin' a whole lotta grace around a whole lotta folks! May your stitching be blessed.

  2. Ouch! Been there - I got one at the Sunday night service, here.