Friday, March 16, 2007

She's a Sewing Maniac

I think I'm going to be able to delegate a lot of the soldier costuming; the HMC student who was the man with the vision for the soldiers is going to be in charge of finishing out all the 'armor' (black vinyl tabbards)...we only have to put together the four new ones; they'll take those and all the old ones and work 'em over. And, I've got a couple of new ladies who have volunteered to help...I think we're going to be able to do this.

I think I'm changing the costume paradigm...from 'the costumes belong to church' to 'the costumes belong to the performers'. At least for people in the choir, who are in these productions every time we do one.

So many have disappeared that I figured I was going to be about 10 costumes short for the ladies (there's a costume black hole somewhere in our church...). I e-mailed the soprano and alto sections asking for 10 ladies to volunteer to go buy their own fabric. Since I had to make more anyway, I figured I might as well make them for them as for the church. Last night, 12 ladies brought me fabric! So I think we'll have enough.

Plus, our kid's classes for next week have been canceled (spring break), which means no one is going to use Classroom 1 (the one closest to the door) until a week from Tuesday. So I can carry the machines and such in Monday and just sew like crazy.

Someone at church asked me last night 'Are you a sewing maniac?'

I replied, 'I am for the next two weeks!'

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  1. Funny! I do a lot of alterations for people in our church. My son asked me a few nights ago, "Does anyone else in our church know how to sew?" I said, yes, just not as crazy as your mother. (I had just cut into and shortened a down comforter for an older lady!)