Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Spy the Finish Line

Miss A came by yesterday and picked up the last two ladies' robes; the costumes are now beginning to trickle back in, finished to the snap; I got a robe made and, um, corrected a slight boo-boo on one that came back, and put the linings in five pairs of shorts yesterday...Miss LCubed got the rest of the shorts done to the drawstring (all but one, anyway; I didn't give her quite enough elastic), our second Miss M (the diaper bag lady) got all the soldier tunics finished to the snap....

I do believe we'll get done or very close to done today, which is good. I need to spend tomorrow moving the Dickens costumes off the rolling racks we can use the rolling racks to hold these costumes ready for us.

I haven't mentioned what's going on; we'll be doing a short costumed bit before the sermon this Sunday, but the main event will be Easter. Our church really has outgrown our facility (we expect to go from two services to three this fall), and we simply would not be able to accommodate the expected Easter crowd in our current building/parking lot, so...we're having church in the South Hall of the Von Braun Center (The Rocket City's Civic center complex), which seats about 3200, on Easter Sunday. Which means we'll have to take all the costumes over; the current plan is for us to have a regular worship time, with the choir in regular attire (um, lavender and black are the colors for April). Then, while announcements are made and the offering is collected, we'll all change into the Bible costumes for the extended version of the presentation. So we'll have to take drapes to curtain off a changing area, and the racks with the costumes on it. I'm guessing we'll have 10 - 15 minutes to change: that ain't much time.

And I'm planning my Easter attire around 1)the designated colors and 2)what I can switch easily for Bible Attire...


  1. Fantastic! It's amazing what can get done if you need to!

    I agree, that's not much time to change. Let's hope everyone knows where their costumes are and don't have to do a last minute search!

  2. Lisa,

    The costumes seem to be finishing up as planned! You are doing well! Yes, grace under pressure isn't that the way? I have a question for you Lisa. Is your church, The Rock, any connection to a church with the same name that is located in Springdale, AR? I had an occasion to visit that church yesterday for an event and wondered if your church has satallite ministries in other locations?

  3. Actually, the full name of our church is 'The Rock Family Worship Center'...I do know there are several other churches, in other cities, called 'The Rock', but that's pretty much coincidental; we're not part of a 'Rock' denomination, so to speak. We are sort of loosely connected with a number of congregations, under the umbrella of New Life Christian Fellowship International, which is headed by New Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida but the only true satellite campus of our church is The Rock Family Worship Center Scottsboro...a town about 45 minutes from the Rocket City.

  4. That is interesting. The pastor of the church named the "The Rock" here in Springdale told me that their church is sort of a take off from a previous connection with the Assemblies of God, and that this local church operates from a Five Fold Ministry vision--the "send off" church he said is located in Florida--I don't think it was jacksonville.

    I wish you the best with the last of the Bible costumes for this go around.