Friday, March 30, 2007

We made it.

All the soldier tunics/shorts were finished yesterday; a couple of the HMC guys are working on the 'armor' tabbards and additional pieces for wrists and shins (we figured they need 40 eyelets per costume for all the pieces; I expect to clean just about everyone in town out of 1/4" eyelets today. I need to get them 17 more packages)

So, today I am sewing tassels on our priestly garments,cleaning off racks and moving them downstairs from the church attic, labeling the costumes for use and generally organizing things to get ready for tomorrow's dress rehearsal.

I did post a little photo tutorial on Yahoo [edited 11/8/09 because the links broke AGAIN...and I put the commentary back in] about how to wear the head drapes. I deliberately did it without looking in a mirror, so you can see that it isn't hard. Sure, it would look *better* if I'd've had a mirror handy, but it would be wearable even as it was, in a pinch (and we will be pinched...we'll be doing regular worship, in regular clothes, for both Palm Sunday and Easter before changing into the costumes during announcements and offering). Anyway, if you're interested, here's the link:
Head drape how-to

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