Monday, March 05, 2007

A Considered Purchase

I was just a little bummed that my fabric shopping at the Expo was going to be focused around what I would need for choir...I didn't feel like I could just look for fabric that spoke to me. But, an email from Fashion Fabrics club announced that they are running a deal on shipping...1.95 flat rate for any purchase of $40 or more. So I did a little scouting and found two knits and some black cotton/lycra twill that will do nicely for 'necessary choir clothes'...for a total of 8 yards at just a fuzz over $5/yd, including shipping. I don't think I could've found it for cheaper at the Expo, and now I'm free to look for fabric that I love.

I can't buy much...after the 8 yards arrives, I'll be just a little over 12 yards ahead of parity...that'd be about 4 pieces of fabric. And (I'm telling myself this, anyway) I'm going to be picky. It's got to *speak* to me.

We'll see how strong my willpower is...or maybe, how vocal the fabric is this year!

Maybe I'd better wear earplugs. :P


  1. I love love the black and white stripe Cadeau top! Wow, you have really worked on a fantastic fit.

  2. LOL! I'm sure lots of fabric will be vying for your attention. Some will shout and some will sing glorious harmonies together. Yeah, you'd better get earplugs.