Friday, March 02, 2007

A Black-and-White Sunday

News flash! Trinity Broadcast Network camera crews will be taping both our services this coming Sunday, the best of which will be aired nation wide at a later, unspecified date (if I ever hear what it is, I'll be sure and pass it along).

This is providing the necessary push to do something our pastor has wanted to do for a while...add the Master's Commission Student Choir to the Adult Choir for worship. However, we can't ask the penny-stretching HMC students to run out and purchase pink shirts. So, Sunday's choir attire will be basic black and white.

Black-and-white is actually in the rotation...for July. I have a lovely black and white stripe rayon/lycra knit that has been awaiting my final tweaks to the Cadeau T pattern, so I can have my own version of the shirt on the pattern illustration. The tweaks were done in January, so now it's just waaayyy down on the sewing queue.

At this point the right brain kicks in: You could do that top in the next two days and wear it Sunday morning! The logical left brain replies, well, I'm trying to finish the outfit for the Expo and besides, I'd have to (shudder) change the thread...

Oh, RB responds, the Expo outfit is going well! Another 3 hours and it's done! Besides, it doesn't have to be finished until Tuesday night...the Cadeau could be done by tonight!

Left Brain is tempted. Left Brain is very tempted. The stripe knit is already laid out on the cutting table...perhaps I will cut it out this morning, then see how much progress I make on the ITT outfit in the rest of the day and, if it continues to go well, change the thread in the morning for a line-jumping knit top.

Stay tuned. ;)

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  1. So many outfits, so little time! Hope you make progress. Of course staying off the Net will help!;)