Friday, March 23, 2007

Hauling the Machines

Well, I would've finished cutting yesterday, but I misfigured the yardage needed for the soldier's capes and had to get more fabric (not a problem...Hancock's had plenty, still 50% off). So I still have three capes to cut out.

But they'll be quick; I think after that we'll start on the soldier costumes. I have one lady who's planning to bring her sewing machine in today; I'm already planning the sewing order to take advantage of my serger and her conventional machine.

And I (hopefully) will have three or four helpers tomorrow.

I found out last night that dress rehearsal will be a week from tomorrow....

Anyway, I'm hauling in the machines and other construction equipment today!

I've finished taking photos of the costume-in-progress (i.e., that's one down!) and I'll try to get part two of the Bible costume tutorial up this evening.


  1. Lisa,

    I admire your dedication and service with the Bible costume design and construction! I know it requires perseverance and expert skill--much more than many people realize. Excellent way to give and do something with lasting value. Lorna Newman (Newman's Needle) was talking about doing something in the way of giving for Lent rather than giving something up as more traditionally thought of. As I see it, you are doing both--doing a service and giving something up (your own sewing time for your family). This is just awesome!

  2. Hm...I hadn't thought about this in terms of sacrificing for Lent (not being a member of a liturgical church, those designations in the calendar sometimes get overlooked).

    Several folks have commented 'You're doing a great job!' when they walked by and saw me cutting away. That always made me kinda smile...I won't know if I did a great job or not until the guys actually put the garments on. Since I'm basically making it up as I go, I'm just a little anxious to see if it works or not... ;)