Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tutes Coming

Sigh. There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a child sick in the bathroom, is there?

DD was up just before 5. She appears to be a bit perkier now, but there goes the plan to cut soldier costumes today. I'll run into church for a couple of hours around lunch (leaving her almost-14 big brother strict instructions and my cell phone number) to see what I can do and pick up a couple of the ladies robes to sew at home.

I'm also going to post some 'how to' tutes and photos...I updated my Bible costume review at Pattern Review, so it had a new 'last updated' date on it to try and circumvent the fact that only subscribers can view pattern reviews over six months old. Alas, my belief that the date checked was the 'last updated' date turns out to have been optimistic; it checks the original date and my sewing ladies can't see it. So I may have an extra post or two over the next couple of days while I photograph and describe the process.

ETA: I stand corrected. Mamafitz pointed out that the old reviews are available to anyone who is a registered Pattern Review member, not just the Friends of Pattern Review (subscribers). In the beginning, the six-month limit was there, but I forgot that it had been removed. I just looked at the list of benefits for FoPR, and the six month limit is not mentioned. But, I don't know if the ladies will want to sign up for the free membership or not...I'll still plan on posting the pictures.

At least the costume I have at home to sew is a light grey...that ought to be easy to photograph... ;)


  1. i thought you just had to be a member to read an 'older than six months' review, not a FoPR. I'm pretty sure I've read old reviews, and I'm not a subscriber. I do have to be signed in to read them, however.

  2. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!