Monday, March 12, 2007

Expo 07 Report: Fabric

Here's the stash addition! L to R:
The first two are printed slinkies from SewKeysE (Emma Seabrooke). The first one is a cool geometric abstract in cream, black and dark royal blue w/gold accents; the second is a fushcia/black/hot pink floral w/gold accents. Not sure what knit tops I will make out of these right off the bat; I need to make up my mind about the floral one quickly; I could wear that in choir this month! I will need to be Very Careful about print placement on them, though!

The third piece is a rayon challis herringbone twill...the colors are just fabulous! It's going to be a swishy skirt; I'm thinking Loes Hinse Gore skirt w/godets...we'll see if I change my mind. I might make a 'banana' skirt (the style w/the banana-shaped gores). I've got lots of tops that will go with that.

The piece on the end is a jacket-weight cotton twill (to be worn when the choir color is orange). A topper-length coat...maybe one of Louise Cutting's what that's slated to be.

Finally, laid out in the front is 1/2 of a washable pigskin suede hide. Originally, I got it thinking I'd see if I could get a LaRue bag from it...but, heck, it's WASHABLE, so now I'm thinking I might use it for trim in a garment...or maybe even a vest front. I haven't sewn with suede before; it's 'learn new skills' time.

So, that's about 9 1/2 yards (hard to define the suede) for less than $9/yd average; I did pretty good... ;)

I'll post about patterns, notions and classes later in the week.

PS Gaylen is ISO some suggestions for a newbie sewing friend; if you've got any recommendations for beginner sewing books/patterns, go over and leave her a comment w/your suggestion and it will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Wow! What a haul! Not too shabby of a deal, either. Welcome back.

  2. Lisa - your fabrics and patterns look great! Can't wait to see those new beauties made up! I'm currently sewing my Expo purchases and really enjoying it :) Thanks for the helpful link - I've got some great recommendations. Thank you - g