Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Encouragement of Minor Miracles

I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that I wanted to line the shorts for the Soldier costumes...they're a cream poly-rayon linen look fabric and, um, just a bit on the transparent side. So, I stopped at Wal-mart and found only one bolt of the athletic mesh I was looking for that would do...a light grey. Well, if it makes the shorts look a little dingy or grungy, that's ok, and it was the only thing that was even close. It was 62" wide, and there were about 14 yards on the bolt...I got all of it.

I spent the whole day today cutting those shorts...and I folded and refolded to get as much use of the fabric as I could.

When I cut the lining for the last pair, I had 8.5" left.


All I have left to cut now are the tunics and capes. This is taking a lot longer than I thought, but, once it's cut, it should be pretty quick to sew.

Somehow, squeezing all the linings out of that piece of fabric has encouraged me that I'm on the right track, and we WILL make it... ;)

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  1. Awesome! It does seem like God has it under control. I love it when you can cut out what you need to, even if the fabric seems a bit short. No pun intended.