Monday, March 19, 2007

Off to cut

I'm hoping to get the other 5 ladies costumes cut out, and all the sizes for the soldier tunics shorts traced off, since I only had one size that we just kind of fudged up last year. This year I'll definitely need at least 4 sizes, so I'm going to use the pull-on pants pattern that's in the envelope with the African Caftan that we've used for the baptismal robes. I'll just make them about knee length.

That's my 'by-3-PM today' goal.

And I'm debating adding a mesh lining to the shorts...since I've been told we don't want the guys feeling like they're in their underwear, a lining for that not-completely-opaque cream poly/rayon linen-look stuff might not be a bad idea.

I think I'll stop at Wal-mart on my way home and see if there's anything suitable on the dollar table.

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  1. Just want to leave a note of encouragement for you. I know you've got your work "cut out" for you (no pun intended! ha!), and I'm so happy to read you are passionately working in Him! Indeed, your work will be blessed, and a blessing to you, the performers, and the audience, too! Keep up the great work!