Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scrap Happiness

I wish I'd've taken my camera with me to school Saturday....

I serged the metallic-print-on-stretch-velvet pants together and, as you can imagine, filled up my little scrap catcher basket on the serger twice. But I looked around and couldn't find a trash can. I knew I'd be cutting out shirts (and hence generating more scraps) later, so I carried the basket over to the area set up for cutting and just dumped the scraps there, figuring I'd throw the cutting scraps there, too, and then just have one pile to dispose of all at once at the end of the day. And forgot about them.

One group of ladies was working on headbands...they're all fancy things w/ribbons and sequins (even for the guys), and Our Creative Genius (I say that with all due respect...it really is the truth) Costume Designer had even asked for some 'texture' at the back, so the ladies were stitching on some dangly ribbons, with more sequins.

About halfway through the afternoon, one of the ladies happened to note the pile of pants scraps on the cutting table....all 3/8" wide, from the inseams and outseams and with an interesting little squiggle from the crotch seams. She was really impressed with their uniformity...and suddenly thought they'd look great on the back of the headbands. Texture, indeed!

So a couple of dangly strips of the gold-printed velvet now adorn all of the headbands. And it does look really cool.

But if there had been a trash can handy, they'd've been binned and no one would even have thought about it. Least of all me...


  1. Great idea! One person's trash is another treasure! I love your HSM posts - I loved working on such projects.

  2. Serger trimmings on a headband... I'm trying to imagine it :-)

  3. If I can remember to take the camera in, I'll post a picture...if it's OK with the folks in charge (sometimes theater people can be funny about showing anything before the curtain goes up). I'll see.