Sunday, January 06, 2008

Return of Choir Sundays

This month's colors: Black with Royal Blue

Once again, a rehearsal photo. Obviously, the baby in red and the green coat that was worn because the sanctuary started out cold would be gone when we start service, but the young fellow front and center is one of the Master's Commission students from Iceland, and that's probably the closest he had to royal blue and black in his closet! Master's students rotate singing along with the choir, both to boost our numbers and to have experience as part of the worship team, so they generally have less stringent dress codes (I'm noticing that several of the black garments look sort of red/brown...must be that blue light special again). It just so happened that DS of the Rolling Eyes was part of the choir supplement this morning, too...he's in the middle in the blue shirt, black tie and, um, fauxhawk hair do. Ya gotta love those teenagers....

I did get a couple of royal blue things cut out yesterday; maybe I'll wear one of them next week. Meantime, I've got on the Vogue 8043 tweed jacket from SWAP '06, the Textile Studios Monaco Funnel Neck Shell, in a textured slinky, and the old faithful black cotton twill Vogue 7881 pants.

I discovered something: acetate/Lycra slinky has a shelf life. The texture on the shell has broken down considerably from what it was when I made it. It's still wearable, but I can really tell that it ain't what it used to be.'s a great color!

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  1. Yay! I like seeing what you wear for choir and seeing your choir, too!