Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's another workday...

At school, 9 to 4. The lame' fabric was supposed to be in yesterday, so I expect to cut the shirts out; I'll take some zip-lok bags with me to stash them in. Actually, I don't know if I'll be cutting or if someone else will; I'm taking my serger, too, so I can seam up the stretch velvet pants we cut out Thursday. That's only 6 pairs, and I won't be doing waist casings or hems...just the it won't take all day.

There's just a lot of stuff to do.

But, here's a lesson on the power of assembly line sewing:

I made the first seven chair covers one at a time, one right after the other. It took me a couple just to get down what I wanted to do on them, so they were a little slower, but all in all I made them in about right at one hour. Less than 10 minutes a cover; I didn't think that was too bad.

I sat down last night to do the rest of them and did the next batch of seven assembly-line style in 30 minutes. I didn't get a time on the rest of them because I was working on some laundry in the middle of that batch, but it went just as fast. The assembly line cut my time in half...I certainly didn't expect that much of a difference.

I believe I will be making those lame' shirts in batches of three, assembly-line style. ;)


  1. Lisa, I admire your sewing mojo. "Lame' shirts in batches of three" - must be nice. I'm having a hard time even thinking how I'm going to make one of something. Any chance your mojo could be cloned?

  2. My mojo got really intimidated today; what I had understood was going to be the 'liquid' lame'...the knit actually stiff, ravelly, regular ol' tissue lame.

    I brought home 5; that was all I could cut out today. I have my doubts about the suitability of the fabric for the pattern...there's a lot of I may make ONE and take it in, just to make sure La Directeuse really wants pouffy gathers instead of drapey gathers...

    (I'll post more details Monday)