Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I goofed

Did you hear my cry of despair around 10 PM last night when I saw what I'd done to my lovely Chopin blouse?

This sewing in bits and pieces is a little, um, discontinuous for me. One teeny moment of inattention and...oops.

My Sweet Baboo heard me and came running back to see what had happened, so I told him, but as I looked at the shirt I realized that only someone who was intimately familiar with the pattern would notice it, since (here's a big hint, and the root cause of the problem) the right and wrong sides of the fabric are virtually indistinguishable....

I had sewn the collar/band assembly to the shirt with the right side of the collar to the wrong side of the shirt. It was a really easy mistake to make; the whole upper back is lined; the shoulder seams are enclosed. The turned-to-the-back self-faced front bands were the only clue as to what the right and wrong side of the shirt actually were.

I really thought I'd been careful to match it up right, but my collar alterations were not dead perfect and the band was slightly bigger than the shirt (As she types, she realizes she should've just trimmed out the neckline a little bigger. I am SUCH a doofus...) and I fiddled and finegeled and repinned more than once trying to get it on w/o ripples. Apparently somewhere in the repinning I picked the garment up backwards without realizing it, since I was so focused on getting the collar on.

I didn't realize it was wrong until it was all trimmed out and pressed back. I *hadn't* topstitched it yet, and I looked at it. Should I take all that out? At that point, I decided the lesser of two evils would be to fix the bottom of the front band so that the little bit of the hem that was turned to what was now the outside when I finished the bottom of the self-facing could be rolled to what is now the inside. The original blouse is a faced-looking front; I will now have a shirt with a psuedo-band down the front, like the Jalie pattern I made for DH a few months back. But since I'm leaving off the front panels/pockets, the extra little bit of design interest from a band won't fussify it up.

No, I'm not thrilled w/that solution, but it's better to do that than risk ruining the collar of the blouse by unpicking an already trimmed out seam.

And the only way anyone would know it was wrong would be to know that the front was not supposed to have a band...which is not likely.

I think I'll sew the chair covers today (they're all cut). Simple and monotonous sounds like good therapy at the moment.


  1. Oh no! At least you found a workable solution. I've done a lot of "sewing tricks", and if I don't get too worked up over, I usually can find a solution.

  2. That’s a mistake I can relate to. But it sounds like you came up with a creative solution to salvage it. Good for you!

  3. Oh gosh I hate when I do things like this! Can you let it "sit" for a day or so and then look at it objectively? Not to mention, once you calm down and get over the ARGH factor, you'll probably come up wtih a solution that works beautifully!