Friday, January 18, 2008

A !!!! Day

Boy, those transitions times are tough, aren't they?

I keep telling myself that once the fledgling leaves the nest things will settle out and we'll all be civil human beings again.

This morning is just one of those days that I'm saying that with clenched teeth and, I'm sure, elevated blood pressure.

I've some necessary household maintenance things to do today; hopefully I can settle down with a CD and my ruching later and get focused on something besides the brilliant argument points that seem to be tumbling about my brain at the moment.

It's just's just transition...



  1. I had one of those yesterday!! LORD HELP US!!!! I hope your day gets better!!! :) See you tomorrow night!

  2. LOL!

    I remember when I was in transition in labor, I had to keep telling myself it was only going to be a few minutes...I can put up with anything that I know is a short duration. Hopefully this will be short duration also...either we'll straighten it out or provide the opportunity for the fledgling to find out how good the nest really was... ;)

  3. deep breaths girl.....deep breaths.

  4. The Mantra, this too shall pass...and it will.
    I know it's not a popular thing to admit, but, I'm kind of happy being an empty nester. I was saturated in parenting for years, but I'm really happy now to be the parent of adults! ;)
    Breathe. Deep.
    oh, and I just got a length of the FM Anna Sui fabric - different print, but still, that panel thing...and I'd say it looks a LOT like a print mistake. Probably why it's so cheap.
    Lovely fabric though, and since I ordered it for lining, I'm not at all upset.

  5. And we all know how to get out of transition, right?