Sunday, January 13, 2008

Choir Sundays - 2008 #2

This month's colors: Royal blue and black

Dress (yes! I finished! Details tomorrow) Sewing Workshop Cityscapes Dress from royal blue stretch velvet

A Disclaimer Just to Satisfy my Conscience After a particularly moving service (actually, two of them) this morning, it feels very superficial to be writing about what I wore. So I'm just mentioning...just in case someone reading this doesn't know...that there is a lot more to life and church than sewing and clothes. However, because this is a *sewing* blog, that's what gets reported on here. I'm actually considering starting a second blog to talk about Life Issues and Bible Study Lessons and things of Deep and Eternal value...but I'm not sure I've got time to really do it right. Maybe someday. Meantime, I'll just throw in an occasional musing about The Bigger Picture into this blog, which is really about just one little life facet, not the whole gem. ;)

We now resume our regularly scheduled program already in progress... :D


  1. This dress looks so nice on you and what a beautiful colour!

  2. Your dress looks awesome! Yes...I will have to second your sentiments about the morning service. We were blubbering over at West Campus! WOW!! What a moving service. My heart was so touched. I praise God that we are connected with the ministry in Muldova. Such a fruitful thing that is going on there! Miss seeing you!! Hope to see you Saturday night at the Deacon and Board Dinner!! Have a great week!

  3. I enjoy your occasional musings here, Lisa. You never know when your words may have an impact.
    The dress is lovely. Your picture is one of the best I've seen of this pattern.

  4. Wow, great dress and it looks so lovely on you! I love the color too!