Monday, January 14, 2008

Blue Velvet Monday

So, the first two garments are the last two posted! I'll have a review up for the Vogue top shortly (it'll be on the sidebar).

Lessons learned: Stretch velvet definitely needs to be cut w/more ease than slinky. I've made three other Cityscapes dresses (see yesterday's post for that photo)...all from slinky...and this dress is noticeably (to me, anyway) more snug. I did think to lengthen it, as I knew it wouldn't grow in length like slinky (I let out two of the 1" tucks I'd taken in the skirt portion of the pattern), but I didn't think about it needing more girth. So I'll be happier with it if I manage to lose a couple of pounds. That didn't seem to bother anyone else, though...I got a bunch of compliments on it yesterday (including one lady who wanted to know where I got it). The Edwardian hobble silhouette is a little frustrating to walk in...and I laughed at DH when he suggested I just come round to the back and step up to the top riser. I could do that in slacks or even a long swishy skirt, but in way! I'm not sure how it was dyed, though, when the blue lights hit it on stage it turned a deep purple. Interesting!

The snugness of the dress reinforced my idea that the Vogue top would be a little less snug in a thinner knit, too. So I'll probably try it again in something a little stretchier and less dressy.

Now...I've got paper templates to cut for the ruching on the Chopin Blouse. My sewing goal this week is just to make that top.


  1. You're right, stretch velvet does need more ease.However, I don't think the Cityscapes dress looks too tight at all!

    BTW, love the color!

  2. I agree with Nancy. Well done on both tops!