Friday, January 25, 2008

At Home Day

The cars are going with others, so I don't have to go anywhere...

Finally. The laundry is mountainous, I haven't done budget work yet this week and I'm cringing at the dust and cobwebs in nearly every room. I don't EVEN want to confess the condition of the bathtub/shower. (So much for 'very organized'... ;) )

And I've promised myself to finish the chair covers and get a significant amount done on the Chopin blouse. Do I need a clone?

The fabric for the lame' shirts still had not come in yet so last night we cut 7 pairs of pants. 6 of them were from black stretch velvet that had a gold metallic lattice print on, was it gorgeous. I wanted a jacket from it! But after we were finished, we all looked at our hands and saw that the dye had crocked off...all three of us who were working on that fabric ended up with purply palms.

So maybe I really don't want a jacket out of it...

It was really, really hard to tell which way the nap went on the fabric, because the lattice print was so fine there were only very small places to even detect the nap. We conferred and decided, carefully laid the fabric out...then got sidetracked and put the patterns on the fabric w/the waistband on the wrong end (am I saying 'we'? Um, I was the one who put the patterns down...). We'd cut 1 1/2 pairs of the pants when we realized it. So, to be consistent, we cut the rest of them that way, too. If anyone points out the boo-boo, we will consider them drafted to help sew next year's production. ;)

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  1. Lucky you! I'd love to be stranded at home all day with out a car. Just not with your laundry. Today, I have off due to a basketball tourney, but I still have to run errands! Enjoy your day.